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5 Best Spots to Propose in Europe: Will You Marry Me?

Posted on 20. Jul, 2011 by .


If you’re thinking of starting a life with the one you love, there are perhaps no more picturesque spots to propose than those found in Europe. From landmarks to gardens to bridges, European destinations offer some of the most enchanting areas in the world. Because many of these destinations are quite popular, accommodation can be [...]

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weekend in paris on a budget

10 Little Known Facts About France

Posted on 19. Jul, 2011 by .


Now that I have been living in France for a while, I have started to notice some interesting facts about France that make the French so… French. Want to know what I found out? Read on. 1.  No tipping Service is included in all restaurant bills. While it does feel weird to leave nothing on [...]

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Discovering London with the Thames Clippers

Posted on 08. Jul, 2011 by .


Tired of walking but still thirsty for more London discoveries? The London Thames Clippers might just have the perfect solution for you! When TakeTwo Books kindly offered me one of their books, I was ecstatic to find out I could use one of their offers to ride the famous clippers. I’ve always wanted to but somehow never [...]

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