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europe in photos

Best of 2011 on Eurotrip Tips

Posted on 31. Dec, 2011 by .


2011 was nothing short of an amazing year for me. I moved 5000 kilometers away. I adopted a new lifestyle. I visited 5 countries, 31 cities, I drove thousands of miles and took more than 10,000 photos. It was incredible, expensive and exhausting, but I loved every minute of it. I couldn’t write a best [...]

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2011 in photos, hyde park in the fall

2011 in 11 photos

Posted on 29. Dec, 2011 by .


In a year that took me across the pond and beyond on the Old Continent, got me married and sent me on a honeymoon, and that made me become a dedicated travel blogger, I took a shameful amount of photos. Think tens of thousands. And thanks to my OCD-Monica-Geller like personality, I starred a couple [...]

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food in la rochelle

Food Odyssey in La Rochelle

Posted on 26. Dec, 2011 by .


Earlier this year, I hopped on the car for my first trip away from my new European base. I had no idea what to expect from La Rochelle and I was definitely pleasantly surprised, especially my palate. Because the food in La Rochelle… oh my. I was not prepared for that! It all started after [...]

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low-cost airlines in europe

Low Cost Airlines - 5 Ways To Avoid Extra Fees

Posted on 23. Dec, 2011 by .


Low-cost airlines are one of the best things about Europe (after the history, the food and the architecture, of course!). But if you are not a careful customer, you might end up paying just as much as you would with a national airline. And who wants to pay the bill and not get the free [...]

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jamie's italian restaurant in london

I Tried It: Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant in London

Posted on 21. Dec, 2011 by .


I’m a sucker for everything Jamie Oliver. I love his accent, his attitude, his energy and obviously, his recipes. Needless to say I was super excited to pay a visit to Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant in London. What was my experience like? Read on. The restaurant There are several locations around the UK, but I opted [...]

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photos of loire valley castles, chambord castle

The Loire Valley Castles, a Photo Essay

Posted on 19. Dec, 2011 by .


Visiting and taking photos of the Loire Valley Castles was kind of a big thing for me - not only did I cross off yet another item off of my bucket list, but also because there are things you just have to have photos of. And few things are quite as iconic as these French [...]

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spring travel in europe

Highlights of Andalusia, Spain’s Most Spectacular Region

Posted on 14. Dec, 2011 by .


Back in 2009, I spent a fair amount of time touring through the highlights of Andalusia, one of the most stunning European regions I have had the chance to visit. The landscapes, the beaches, the tapas, the people… it was nothing short of amazing! What were my favorite places, you wonder? Read on. Torremolinos beach. Very [...]

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Christmas Lights in London

Posted on 12. Dec, 2011 by .


My last visit in London coincided with the installation of the famous Christmas displays around the city. All major department stores double their creative efforts in trying to have the most original and beautiful Christmas window in all of London. From the slightly weird to over-the-top to winter wonderland, there’s something for everyone! Have you [...]

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The Wonders of Chambord Castle

Posted on 09. Dec, 2011 by .


Visiting the Loire Valley Castles was always a major point in my bucket list - and the beautiful, intriguing architecture of Chambord Castle had definitely tickled my fancy. It’s the largest and most impressive one of the lot. Originally built in the 16th century as a hunting lodge for King François the 1st (we definitely do not [...]

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Paris, tourist traps, secrets

Live the Language: Paris, London, Barcelona

Posted on 07. Dec, 2011 by .


I love myself a good travel video in the morning over tea. It’s such an inspirational start to my day… and that’s exactly what happened this morning. After stumbling over Albin Holmqvist‘s Live the Language videos on Vimeo, I couldn’t resist sharing them here. The videos are part of Live the Language project, which aims [...]

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london on a budget

Where to Stay in London: Umi Hotel London

Posted on 05. Dec, 2011 by .


During my recent trip to London, I had the chance to stay at the Umi Hotel London and experience their concept: luxury on a budget. I was seduced by the idea and couldn’t wait to experience it for myself. The surroundings of the hotel certainly are a big plus - it’s located on an iconic [...]

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