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aran islands

A daytrip at the Aran Islands

Posted on 28. Sep, 2012 by .


Think remote. Isolated. Raw. Untouched. Got it? Now make it even more remote. THAT’s the Aran Islands. To me anyway. Considering how fond I am of big cities, I may slightly exaggerate. But in this day and age of fast development and globalization, the Aran Islands seem to have resisted this urge to evolve - they [...]

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what to do in edinburgh

Three days in Edinburgh

Posted on 26. Sep, 2012 by .


I fell in love with Edinburgh three years ago, on my first visit. I think that when you fall in love with a place when it’s incredibly wet, when it blends in all the different shades of gray, when it’s at its most unwelcoming, it’s probably going to be a long lasting love story. If [...]

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cliffs of moher

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland - In Photos

Posted on 24. Sep, 2012 by .


Ahh, the beautiful Cliffs of Moher. The most interesting stop on the 3rd day of my Ireland roadtrip! Also known to The Princess Bride fans as the Cliffs of Insanity. Yes, I will take any occasion I get to plug my love for that movie. “- You seem a decent fellow, I’d hate to kill [...]

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the troubles murals

Northern Ireland’s Troubles Murals - In Photos

Posted on 14. Sep, 2012 by .


It’s hard to believe that it was only a few years ago. And perhaps even harder to believe that despite the time that passed, and the efforts made, the issue isn’t entirely settled. In terms of Irish history, the so-called “Troubles” are a major chapter, and is still very true in Northern Ireland, especially in Derry [...]

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giant's causeway

The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland - In Photos

Posted on 10. Sep, 2012 by .


The Giant’s Causeway was something I had always seen on desktop wallpapers, or in one of the BBC famous travel videos. I never thought I would actually get to see it for myself one day. But I did! The 6th day of my trip in Ireland with Shamrocker Tours was all about the dramatic coastline [...]

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what to do in cantal

Top Things To Do In Cantal

Posted on 07. Sep, 2012 by .


During my four days in Cantal, I’ve had the chance to experience all sorts of great things. Massages, great food, cute B&Bs, splendid scenery and more. Here’s a map that lists what to do in Cantal, in my humble opinion. And that’s only a handful - there are in fact so many things to do [...]

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A weekend in Cantal - In Photos

Posted on 05. Sep, 2012 by .


To wrap up this series on my press trip in Cantal, I couldn’t think of a better solution than a photo essay. Not because I don’t have anything to say about Cantal. I do. In fact I always have something to say, about pretty much everything. Ask my husband! But somehow I feel like no words [...]

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blarney castle

Getting the gift of the gab at Blarney Castle

Posted on 03. Sep, 2012 by .


I was always intrigued by the famous, mysterious stone of eloquence at Blarney Castle. Not that I need it, mind you. Trust me - I talk enough as it is. I think people secretly wish I would just shut the hell up every once in a while. I even asked my dad the other day, [...]

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hotel america barcelona

Where to stay in Barcelona: Hotel America

Posted on 01. Sep, 2012 by .


My stay at the Hotel America was all I could hope for. Large, spacious rooms. Free upgrade. Rooftop bar. Rooftop terrace. Rooftop pool. Delicious breakfast. I mean, I would’ve been crazy not to enjoy it. Let’s see in details why you should book your next Barcelona getaway at Hotel America. The hotel The hotel is [...]

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Hotel Legend Paris

Where to stay in Paris: Hotel Legend

Posted on 01. Sep, 2012 by .


When the Elegancia Group offered to host me during my last trip to Paris, I knew I was in for a treat. My previous experiences with them only proved to be fantastic. This time, I was at the Hotel Legend. And I think I have a new favorite. Hotel Legend Paris: The Location View Larger [...]

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