5 Reasons Why I Love Pret-A-Manger

Posted on 18. Nov, 2011 by in Europe Travel, United Kingdom

Pret-a-Manger is probably one of the best discoveries I made when I lived in London. Trying to deal with a busy travel schedule and a tiny budget, I often ended up in one of their 200+ locations in central London for a quick lunch. Not familiar with Pret-a-Manger’s concept? Let me explain it to you.

1. The food

As mentioned everywhere in store and on their website, Pret’s top mission is to use natural, preservative and additive-free ingredients. Every sandwich in either prepared in store or in a nearby kitchen - long-haul is never involved, thus giving their products amazing freshness.  There’s really no guilt in eating Pret’s fast food - it has nothing to do with the golden arch or kings of any kind.

2. The variety

From hearty soups to healthy salads and tasty handmade cakes, their menu is extremely appealing to anyone who has functioning eyes, nose and taste buds. Pret-a-Manger’s products are big crowd-pleasers, because they serve both British classics and experimental new trends, leaving nobody’s cravings out. I really have a thing for their smoked salmon and king prawn salad, and the mouthwatering banana cake. Yum!

My Pret favorites

3. The locations

Whatever you need, wherever you need it - there’s a Pret ready to suit your every culinary need. There are 265 stores worldwide, including in train stations, shopping malls, busy business and shopping districts and everywhere else you can think of. There are 6 stores within walking distance of Trafalgar Square alone!

4. The sustainability

Not only do they use less and less wrapping for their products, they also insist on recycling everything they can. Up to 80% of the customers trash can be recycled, and customers are clearly instructed to do so by sorting everything out before they leave, in a very simple and efficient way. There’s no reason to throw everything away!

5. The generosity

Wondering if the sandwich you have your eye on is really fresh? Of course it is - it was made the same morning. No doubt about that. Because there isn’t such a thing as leftovers at Pret-a-Manger - every night, trucks gather the unsold products and deliver everything to local homeless shelters, totaling more than 12,000 meals every week (and thus taking away 250 potential tons of food from the landfills, too). They also have a foundation, Pret Foundation Trust, which raised 800,000£ last year alone.

Pret's lovely graphics

So, really, what’s not to like about Pret? Good, healthy food with both a green and social twist - and guilt-free too! Next time you are in the UK or the US, make sure to pay a visit to one of their hundreds of locations and see for yourself just how great this chain is. And no, I was no solicited or sponsored for this post - I just genuinely love this company.

Have you ever been to Pret-a-Manger? Do you enjoy it as much as I do? Do you find it different in the US than it is in the UK?





16 Responses to “5 Reasons Why I Love Pret-A-Manger”

  1. Andrea

    19. Nov, 2011

    I remember seeing these in Paris years ago and then this year in London seeing them EVERYWHERE. Don’t think I’ve eaten in one though

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  2. Excellent write-up. Like Andrea, I remember seeing it, but I don’t think I actually ate there. Definitely will next time I have the chance though.

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  3. Abby

    21. Nov, 2011

    I loved Pret when it first opened in NYC!!

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    • Marie

      29. Nov, 2011

      I know, I was ecstatic when I bumped in one in NYC after I got back from London. I had no idea!

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  4. Boris

    21. Nov, 2011

    I’ve never heard of them, thanks for the tip! We have a plethora of organic options in Berlin but it is nice to hear the concept is spreading around the world.

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    • Marie

      29. Nov, 2011

      Yeah I love the idea of organic, fair food (and the social idea behind it too!)

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  5. Annie

    22. Nov, 2011

    I actually avoided Pret when I was in London because I figured it was just British fast food pies and sausage rolls!

    Silly me, I’ll have to give it a shot next time around. I love places that are fresh, healthy and after working in food for a while any place that DONATES their leftovers instead of wasting it worth my money in my book!

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    • Marie

      29. Nov, 2011

      Shame! I hope you can enjoy it next time you’re around. It’s so good!

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  6. Camden Market

    25. Nov, 2011

    Hi from London’s top funky day out!

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  7. Katrina

    20. Dec, 2011

    Discovered one in London near the British Museum. Was a lovely find after a ridiculously trying journey from Ireland earlier in the day. We were very happy to find another one in the airport on our way out. Fresh and delicious!

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  8. Paul

    16. Feb, 2012

    Yes the food is good, but you can’t say it is healthy

    Beware marketing messages.

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  9. roger

    27. Mar, 2012

    it has nothing to do with the golden arch or kings of any kind.

    Er, It was actually part- owned by McDonalds from 2001-2008!

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