Experiencing the Alpine Lifestyle in the Oetz Valley

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My recent trip to the Oetz Valley, as part of a blog trip for the Travel Bloggers Unite conference, was a complete change of my usual scenery: dramatic landscape, crisp breeze, and mostly the new alpine lifestyle concept promoted by the Bergland Hotel in Sölden.

Basically, the idea is to offer holidaymakers a taste of the mountain life during their vacation, but not in the shack-in-the woods kind of way. More in the spa treatments, view on the Austrian Alps, luxury rooms and après-ski way. The Bergland Hotel does everything in its power to make the alpine lifestyle sound extremely appealing, and I have to say that I wasn’t too hard to convince.

Experiencing the alpine lifestyle at the Bergland Hotel in Sölden

The concept starts right at the very entrance of the hotel. The refreshing smell of wood fills your lungs, awakening all of your senses on the spot. All of the hotel’s features are reminiscent of its surroundings, with accents on traditional fabrics like wood, fur and linen, with a very modern twist. Some might find the decor a little bit too extreme, but I thought the contemporary chalet look was very well done. The ground floor offers a whimsical “Kids Only” playroom, a manly cigar lounge and a gourmet restaurant  for the enjoyment of your taste buds.

The lobby and restaurant of the alpine lifestyle Bergland Hotel in Sölden

The experience continues upstairs, as you enter your designer room. The sight of the rocking chair by the balcony facing the Alps, the deluxe body care products, the carefully carved wooden bed, is simply too marvelous to imagine. Bergland Hotel marks the end of generic, sterilized hotel rooms - theirs are full of character and extremely appealing, whether it is the basic room or the presidential suite (with a nanny’s room that would make anyone want to be nanny-for-a-day).

Alpine bedrooms at the Bergland Hotel

Now, my absolute favorite: the spa. The whole 1700 m² of it. The gigantic pool, the outdoor jacuzzi with the stunning scenery, the many saunas, the massages, the different relaxing rooms, the fancy sports room… more than enough activities to keep any vacationer busy with the soothing part of the alpine lifestyle.

Spa facilities at the Bergman Hotel

Speaking of which, a true alpine vacation wouldn’t be one without some sort of outdoors activities - and the hotel certainly didn’t forget about that, offering a wide selection of active excursions in both summer and winter. From mountain biking to vintage car rides to ice climbing, there’s something for everyone!

My only wish would have been to stay longer than one day so I could experience everything the hotel has to offer. I was extremely impressed with the high level of quality of the entire property including the personnel, and if the Bergland Hotel truly portrays the alpine lifestyle, I am completely sold to the concept.

Disclaimer: this trip was sponsored by Öetz Valley tourism as part of the TBU Innsbruck conference.


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7 Responses to “Experiencing the Alpine Lifestyle in the Oetz Valley”

  1. Katherina

    30. Aug, 2011

    Wow, I wouln’t mnd relaxing it that spa!

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  2. Abby

    16. Sep, 2011

    Talk about rejuvenation… Beautiful.

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  3. Andrea

    08. Oct, 2011

    Wow - looks amazing - would love to check out the spa. I love Austria!

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