An afternoon at the Canterbury Cathedral - In Photos

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Canterbury is quite the evocative city in the Anglo-Saxon word.

Not only is it one of the prettiest towns of southern England, it also happens to be the seat of the Church of England, and therefore the Anglican Communion around the world. It’s also one of the oldest Christian structures in all of England. Not a bad resume, right?

The cathedral as seen from the cloisters.

Canterbury Cathedral - A bit of history

Consequently, the Cathedral doesn’t fail to impress.

The 1500 years history, the incredible architecture and the serenity of the place are definitely awe-inducing, even for the non-religious visitors. One doesn’t need to be best buddies with Jesus to appreciate such architectural prowess and beauty!

The actual cathedral wasn’t built, however, until 1174, after a severe fire destroyed much of the east wing. Mix that with a rapidly growing popularity following the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket, and you’ve got yourself massive extension plans. And that led to the building we see today.

Quite frankly, there are just too many details to mention to properly and accurately describe the history and architectural details of this holy building. The grandeur of the nave, the placidity of the cloisters and the fascinating choir are just so much better when you see it for yourself - shall we?

Canterbury Cathedral - Photos (Lots of ‘Em)

The colorful details of the stained glass windows.

canterbury cathedral photos

One of the few cathedrals I visited with painted apostles statues. (as opposed to stone or plain wood).

The archbishop is on sale in the gift shop.

The gate leading to the cathedral from the village.

The cathedral as seen from the village.

Details of the entrance.

The gigantic nave.

Don’t forget to look up!

Beautiful carvings and architectural details adorn almost every wall in the cathedral.

canterbury cathedral photos

The peaceful cloisters.

On the way to the cloisters.

Beautiful coat of arms details on the ceilings of the cloisters.

The majestic choirs.

My favorite stained glass window.

As you can see, the Canterbury Cathedral is a masterpiece in architecture, and will make for an ideal daytrip out of London - both the cathedral and the village are a nice, relaxing break from the hustle of the city. A whole day won’t be too much, I tell you!

Disclaimer: I visited Canterbury as a guest of Grayline. As always, all opinions are my own.


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4 Responses to “An afternoon at the Canterbury Cathedral - In Photos”

  1. Cheryl

    11. Feb, 2013

    What a stunning building! I never would have thought the arch bishop would be so furry. ;)

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      13. Feb, 2013

      Thanks Cheryl! It’s really awesome, even for non-religious people.

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  2. I have been lucky enough to spend time at Canterbury Cathedral and it is truly spectacular! It was a very long time ago and I’m now feeling like I need to go back.

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