Where to stay in Edinburgh: Apex Hotel Waterloo Place

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After spending two weeks in hostels across Ireland and the UK, I was more than ready for the high class treatment. Despite many hostels being really cool, there’s nothing quite like having a huge bubble bath and watching telly in bed after a long day of sightseeing. And that’s exactly what Apex Hotel Waterloo Place in Edinburgh offered me.

Apex Hotel Waterloo Place’s location

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The location couldn’t be better. A few minutes walk from the train station, the Princes Street shops, the views over Edinburgh from Calton Hill and the vibrant nightlife of the Royal Mile. The hotel is just far enough from the hustle to be positively quiet and relaxing but close enough so it’s not a long distance to get to places. There are several restaurants nearby, as well as a shopping center and a Starbucks (you don’t realize how good a Soy Frappucino is until you can’t get it anymore in your hometown).

So location-wise, the Apex Hotel Waterloo Place is perfect.

Apex Hotel Waterloo Place’s rooms

That’s when it gets even more awesome.

“You’ll see, it’s a very nice room”, the clerk at the reception said. I smiled and took the keys, ready to wind down from a busy morning. When I got to the 8th floor, I had a hard time finding my room. 839. 840. 843. 844. No 841 in sight. I wandered the corridors for a minute or two. That’s when I realized my room didn’t have a number.

It had a name. The Wellington.

You know what this means in terms of luxurious hotels, right? BINGO!

I opened the door and I was nothing short of flabbergasted. I had a freaking duplex suite to myself! I am not ashamed to admit that I squeaked pretty loudly.

There was a large hall, a living room, a mini kitchen/eating area, a WC, and then upstairs was huge bed and the pièce de résistance: the bathroom. To say that this was a comfortably large room is a slight understatement. I was actually starting to imagine ways I could move in there for the rest of my life, since the room was actually a little bigger than my flat in France.

Even though I was in Edinburgh for sightseeing, once I entered my Wellington suite, I didn’t want to leave. I watched the TV in the living room downstairs. I took a long, relaxing bath. I watched the TV in bed upstairs. I ordered room service. I took a shower in the biggest shower I had even seen. I slept like a freakin’ baby in the huge, soft bed. Honestly? Probably the best room I have ever stayed in.

Also worth noting that the toiletries smell delicious. Not only do you get the usual shampoo and gel, but you also get a fancy eye recovery gel that instantly gives you a healthy look, and other little products that I may or may not have starched in my bag before I left.

The Wellington suite

So yes, the rooms at the Apex Hotel Waterloo Place Hotel don’t disappoint. That is until you have to check out. Because honestly, who wants to leave this place?

My verdict

As if you couldn’t tell already,  I was absolutely floored by the Apex Hotel Waterloo Place. The rooms and location are perfect, but I also received exceptional service - I was able to check in at 12, instead of having to wait until the standard 3PM! Breakfast was also fantastic with tons of fresh fruit and hot dishes à la carte.

Who knows if I’ll be back in Edinburgh one day - but I will be staying at the Apex Hotel Waterloo Place Hotel again, that is a given.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of the Apex Hotel Waterloo Place. As always, all opinions are my own (but I’m easily corrupted with lavish gifts).


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