Backpacking Guide 3: How to pack

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In order to appreciate your journeys from one place to another, there are certain rules to follow regarding the content of your backpack, more precisely how you pack it.

  1. You should always place the heaviest items in the middle of your backpack. It’s more natural to have weight on your middle back rather than on your lower or upper back, as having weight there may cause you to bend slightly and cause injuries to both your back and shoulders. Once you’ve put your backpack on, tighten the sternum straps and notice how natural it feels.
  2. Try to place handy items in the bottom of the bag. Although you won’t be carrying around that backpack all day, you need to make sure you have easy access to important things, such as guidebooks, sunscreen, warm layers, etc.
  3. Be organized. Don’t hesitate to pack your belongings in several packing cubes  to avoid hassling through all your stuff. Be thematic: underwear, t-shirts, toiletries, etc.
  4. Roll your clothes. It really is more efficient than simple folding, plus it’s easier to look around for certain items.
  5. Travel lightly. You know the motto: gather what you think you need and get rid of half of it. This of course applies to your clothing. If you think it might, just might, come in handy - don’t pack it. You can always buy one on location if it gets absolutely necessary. For the rest of your items, stick to the list!

Here’s Rick Steves advice on the packing:

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