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Posted on 31. Dec, 2011 by in Blog, Europe Travel

2011 was nothing short of an amazing year for me. I moved 5000 kilometers away. I adopted a new lifestyle. I visited 5 countries, 31 cities, I drove thousands of miles and took more than 10,000 photos. It was incredible, expensive and exhausting, but I loved every minute of it.

I couldn’t write a best of post without including the photo essay on my new home, a little known French region called Auvergne. It took me long enough, but I have finally come to fully appreciate it. Speaking of photos essays, I love them so much, I in fact decided to create a special page for them. Check it out!

photos of auvergne
Beautiful Chaîne des Puys

And since living in France has inspired me so much, I wrote two posts about the daily life and French quirks: my most popular post of all times, 10 Little Known Facts about France, and a more personal post on the Ups and Downs of Living in France. It was pretty hard to write, because I wanted to be as honest and blunt as possible, without offending anyone. I quickly realized that opinionated posts, no matter how politely written, will always stir some controversy.

2011 was also a year of change for me, relationship-wise. My boyfriend was suddenly shipped to France for his job, and we had to deal with long-distance for a few months. I gave solo travel a try. I got married! And we started traveling together again.

europe in photos

Beautiful flowers in Vichy

In terms of destinations, I was lucky enough to discover many new places like Austria and Loire Valley, and revisit old favorites like London and Prague. I’m not sure I could single out destinations because I enjoyed myself immensely pretty much everywhere I’ve been to this year, luckily!

And what better way to end a best of 2011 post by mentioning my 2012 bucket list? I’m very excited about it and I hope I’m going to be lucky enough to bring these projects to life. Stay tuned on Eurotrip Tips to find out!

What were your favorite posts of 2011? Any types of post you would like to see more of? Photo essays, personal stories, travel tips?


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  1. Laura

    02. Jan, 2012

    Sounds like you had a wonderful 2011. I wish you an even better 2012.

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  2. Sandra

    02. Jan, 2012

    Loved reading your list. It is such a major life changer to make such a big move and I relate to your experience in so many ways. Happy 2012!

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  3. Andrea

    02. Jan, 2012

    Congrats on such an awesome year! And wishing you all good things for this one =)

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