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How to Stay in Europe Without a Visa (Legally, of Course)

Posted on 31. Mar, 2014 by .


So many of my friends and readers have asked me this question over the years: how have you managed to stay in Europe for so long? How hard is it to get a visa, or to travel from one country to another?  Jetting off to Europe, exploring every nook and corner of cities regularly pictured [...]

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When Do Expats Become Locals?

Posted on 20. Jan, 2014 by .


Many people make a home for themselves far away from their place of birth, crossing seas and continents to find where they are most happy. But when does an expat start to feel like a local? Are there different triggers for different people? And do some of the things you’re feeling now on your expat [...]

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Moving To London: What You Need To Know

Posted on 03. Jan, 2014 by .


Moving to London was something I always wanted to do, ever since I was a little girl. The reasons why still remain unclear today, even after I accomplished that dream, but one thing is true: the full year I spent planning 10 months in London was the absolute worst year of my life for the [...]

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Yup. Definitely a City Girl.

Posted on 25. May, 2012 by .


Over the last few months I’ve started to notice something. It’s subtle, and takes a good dose of observation, but it’s there. Small towns are slowly, but very , killing me. There is no further doubt in my mind that I am a city girl at heart. I’ve talked about this a little bit on [...]

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The Not-So-Shiny Side of Being a Consultant’s Wife

Posted on 07. Oct, 2011 by .


Being a consultant wife - it has a nice ring to it, and it does sound very glamourous from the outside. International travel, fat paychecks, big-name corporations. In more than one way, it is very enjoyable. But sometimes, when I dare to look at the other side of the medal, I find myself longing for [...]

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My First Week-End in France as an Expat

Posted on 16. May, 2011 by .


After a frantic week mostly spent packing, moving, crying and sleeping on my couch in Montreal, I finally made it to the airport on Friday afternoon, ready for my 7PM flight. Or at least, that’s what I thought. While I was checking in, I learned that my flight was delayed to 9PM. Oh well, I [...]

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Long Distance Relationships - How Do You Work It Out?

Posted on 25. Apr, 2011 by .


What’s up with relationship advice on a travel blog, you ask? The two subjects are not as far apart as they may seem. Let me tell you a story first. On a freezing February morning,  an innocent email flipped my life around.  “It’s on. I’m leaving Saturday. Talk to you later”.  My fiancé was crossing [...]

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The Challenges of Being a Couple Abroad

Posted on 03. Jan, 2011 by .


I often say that I couldn’t have made it to Europe without my boyfriend. Moving there had been such a hassle that many times, I wanted to simply drop the project and curl up under my covers. But we were a team. My defeat implied his defeat. Although many things have not gone the way [...]

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Next time I return to the UK, I will…

Posted on 15. Nov, 2010 by .


I lived in London for about a year in 2008. And while I keep excellent memories from my time there, I can’t help but feel like I’ve missed out on some things because I wasn’t prepared enough, and I was too naive to keep in mind that I would be leaving eventually. If I had [...]

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