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jamie's italian restaurant in london

I Tried It: Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant in London

Posted on 21. Dec, 2011 by .


I’m a sucker for everything Jamie Oliver. I love his accent, his attitude, his energy and obviously, his recipes. Needless to say I was super excited to pay a visit to Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant in London. What was my experience like? Read on. The restaurant There are several locations around the UK, but I opted [...]

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Monday’s Postcard: Christmas Lights in London

Posted on 12. Dec, 2011 by .


My last visit in London coincided with the installation of the famous Christmas displays around the city. All major department stores double their creative efforts in trying to have the most original and beautiful Christmas window in all of London. From the slightly weird to over-the-top to winter wonderland, there’s something for everyone! Have you [...]

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london on a budget

Where to Stay in London: Umi Hotel London

Posted on 05. Dec, 2011 by .


During my recent trip to London, I had the chance to stay at the Umi Hotel London and experience their concept: luxury on a budget. I was seduced by the idea and couldn’t wait to experience it for myself. The surroundings of the hotel certainly are a big plus - it’s located on an iconic [...]

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Yo! Sushi: The Most Fun You’ll Have Eating Sushi in London

Posted on 25. Nov, 2011 by .


I remember walking past several Yo! Sushi branches when I used to live in London, and always found the concept to be really cool. In fact, not trying it out was one of my biggest regrets!  However, sushi is a delicacy I only recently discovered, and curse myself for not being brave enough to try [...]

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5 Reasons Why I Love Pret-A-Manger

Posted on 18. Nov, 2011 by .


Pret-a-Manger is probably one of the best discoveries I made when I lived in London. Trying to deal with a busy travel schedule and a tiny budget, I often ended up in one of their 200+ locations in central London for a quick lunch. Not familiar with Pret-a-Manger’s concept? Let me explain it to you. [...]

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roomorama review

Living Like a Londoner with Roomorama: My Experience

Posted on 11. Nov, 2011 by .


A while ago, I had the chance to be offered two nights worth of accommodation in London in exchange of a Roomorama review on my blog. I was intrigued by the service and definitely interested in trying it out. I decided to take advantage of that offer during my recent trip to the capital and [...]

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World War II in Europe – Key Locations

Posted on 21. Oct, 2011 by .


When most people think of Europe, they think of its long, agitated history. Kings and queens, wars and battles. It consequently doesn’t come as a surprise that the continent would be pretty high on any history buff’s bucket list. However, very few events gathered as much attention as World War II did, and still does, [...]

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London for First Timers: The Essential Sights

Posted on 10. Oct, 2011 by .


A famous person once said that it is not possible to get tired of London, because London offers everything one could want. That much is entirely true, but it can also be quite overwhelming for first timers. So make sure to come up with an effective itinerary so you can make the most out of [...]

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london landmarks

My Favorite Museums in London

Posted on 05. Oct, 2011 by .


Back in the days when I lived in London, I had two dilemmas: a lot of free time (as I didn’t have a full-time job), but no funds to fill my schedule. I never was a museum person, but quickly I came to the realization that I didn’t have much of a choice if I wanted to [...]

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Daytrip at the London Zoo, a Photo Essay

Posted on 24. Aug, 2011 by .


After seeing how popular my last postcard was, I decided that a  London Zoo photo essay would be quite appropriate. And who doesn’t love a photo essay? I’m sure many of you won’t even bother to read the actual text and just stroll through the pictures… am I right? Located right in the heart of Regent’s [...]

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Monday’s Postcard: London Zoo

Posted on 15. Aug, 2011 by .


This week’s installment brings us to the entertaining London Zoo. Located right in the heart of Regent’s Park in Camden and opened in 1828, it’s actually the world’s oldest scientific zoo. It features over 720 species spread over 36 acres, as well as many interesting exhibits. It’s one of the few attractions of London that [...]

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Discovering London with the Thames Clippers

Posted on 08. Jul, 2011 by .


Tired of walking but still thirsty for more London discoveries? The London Thames Clippers might just have the perfect solution for you! When TakeTwo Books kindly offered me one of their books, I was ecstatic to find out I could use one of their offers to ride the famous clippers. I’ve always wanted to but somehow never [...]

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Finding Banksy Art in London

Posted on 29. Jun, 2011 by .


Finding Banksy art in London is like trying to find a needle in a haystack - everyone knows it’s there, but very few people can actually point to it. Even though Banksy is certainly one of the most famous character of modern art, he definitely fancies the mystery around his work - meaning that despite [...]

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Watching the Royal Wedding Live in an English Pub

Posted on 29. Apr, 2011 by .


5:15 The lovely Anne picks me up and gets us to where the party was at in Montreal this morning, the Burgundy Lion. I can feel the excitement grow as we get closer to the pub - maybe it’s the festive tiaras we were wearing. Or our bodies reaction to being up so early! 5:25 [...]

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What The Hell is the United Kingdom?

Posted on 08. Feb, 2011 by .


Be honest. You know you’ve asked yourself that question too. If you can manage to understand the fast-paced (and humorous) tone of the narrator, you probably now are an expert on the subject. Being a Britophile myself I already knew all this, but I agree it can be quite confusing for the non-initiated - even [...]

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