The Funky Gaudi House in Barcelona

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Often regarded as one of the funkiest yet amazingly well-designed properties in the world, the Dali House in Barcelona never fails to impress.

If you must pay a tribute to Gaudi, the Casa Batlo is the absolute best choice, if you ask me - La Pedrera isn’t as elaborate, the Parc Guell is constantly filled with masses of tourists (and you know how I feel about crowds) and la Sagrada Familia is, well, just a giant construction site with an extravagant fee entry (for now anyway).

So to me, it goes without saying that la Casa Batlo is the place to go for some architectural discoveries, and to explore Gaudi’s fascination with the elements of nature, which he integrated in almost every single detail of his works.

And while the most impressive features of the house are indoors, the facade is a work of art alright:

Some scary balconies, uh?

Gaudi has a unique eye for details, and an even more unique mind for integrating so many interpretations of nature in those very details. Whether it’s a whirlpool-like ceiling, a mushroom-shaped fireplace, or a gradient blue staircase, absolutely nothing is left out. Especially in the ballroom.

The best part, however, is probably the rooftop. Very famous for its unique views over all of Barcelona, it’s really the mosaic of colors that grabs all the attention (and the turtle-like edges). Every little piece of the roof, except the floor, is covered in tiny pieces of colorful ceramic - it certainly makes for a very whimsical and rainbow-like rooftop, to say the least!

The Dali House is an absolute must when in Barcelona, or even all of Spain - and if you are lucky enough to score an apartment with, you have no reason not to indulge on some Gaudi while in town.

Have you ever visited the Dali house in Barcelona? What did you think of it, super original or just bordering insanity? Which piece of Gaudi in Barcelona did you prefer?


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8 Responses to “The Funky Gaudi House in Barcelona”

  1. Andrew

    13. Jun, 2012

    We are heading to Barcelona in a few months. I think I’d like to see this. It reminds me an awful lot of the Hundertwasser haus in Vienna.

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  2. Vacation Rentals

    14. Jun, 2012

    Really amazing house. It is a real masterpiece of modern architecture. In the summer I would visit Spain, I hope I can see it.

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  3. Jeff @ GoTravelzing

    16. Jun, 2012

    This is one of my favorite buildings anywhere! I like it so much that I have a big picture of it hanging above my desk. Just a note - This house was built before Dali was born and has nothing to do with him.

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  4. I love how Gaudi was able to integrate so many interpretations of nature into his buildings.

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