Discovering the Vallieres village in France - my village!

Posted on 22. Sep, 2011 by in Destinations, Europe Travel, France

Being from French descent, I knew there would be some sign of my Vallieres ancestors somewhere in France (yes, I am aware that for most people, it almost sounds like a hispanic name because of the silent “s” at the end, but it’s actually pronounced “val-e-air”. Free French lesson for ‘ya!).

During my trip to La Rochelle, I made some research and learned that my Vallieres ancestors left the Charentes region to emigrate to New France in the 17th century. I was kind of surprised to know that the village named exactly like my surname was only a few hours ride east from where I live - needless to say I was ecstatic to hop in the car and get there for the sake of one silly picture!

The village itself is nothing special, though. As much as I would’ve loved it to be a quaint French village, it’s honestly just two small streets and has pretty much nothing to see. But still, I really think it was worth going, even for just a minute or two. I’m definitely of French ancestry, even though sometimes I seriously doubt it!

MY village, Vallieres

Have you ever searched for signs of your ancestors abroad? Was it conclusive?


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5 Responses to “Discovering the Vallieres village in France - my village!”

  1. Katherina

    22. Sep, 2011

    I thought the same when I found “my roots” in Germany… it´s really a small village, nothing special - but still, you can’t avoid visiting it!

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  2. Ben Doors

    29. Sep, 2011

    Wow, nice! I think that you found your place under the sun :) !

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  3. Carroll Vallieres

    22. Aug, 2012

    Yes, everyone thinks I’m spanish too because of the silent s at the end of our name. There’s very few Vallieres in this world, you know…

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      30. Aug, 2012

      I know - we are probably related in some way :) Crazy, uh? Where are you from?

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