Europe is Still a Big Deal

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Despite the ever-growing popularity of South East Asia or some other remote parts of the planet, Europe is still a fascinating continent and no one can ever really say that they’ve explored every inch of each of its countries.


Keeping within a travel budget can be a problem and one way of keeping costs down is to take advantage of some of the many cheap cruise deals that can take you around Europe. This type of travel will give you time to seek out local culture and enjoy life on board the ship.  Increasingly tour operators offer ship lectures from experts so you can absorb information about your destination and make the best of your trip.


There’s always something new to discover about France and the wonderful city of Bordeaux has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The city is a wonderful example of neo classical architecture and sometimes it seems almost too beautiful to be true.  The region is famous for its wine; the distinctive shape of the claret bottle is unique to Bordeaux, and if you have the time try and combine a bit of history with some wine tasting at the city’s Wine and Trade Museum.  In fact wine and the history of viticulture dominate Bordeaux.  The city also has many fine art galleries and the Musee des Beaux Arts is one of the largest galleries in France outside of Paris. If you prefer contemporary Art then the CAPG can offer you Warhol, Magritte and other 20th century luminaries.  There’s a great café on the roof where you’ll get an excellent view of the city.


Travelling down the coast to the tip of Europe you’ll have a chance to explore Portugal.  Porto is a combination of the very old in contrast to the many new property developments within the city.  Famous for its Port wine, Porto has a medieval quarter, the Ribeira that has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status.  If your cruise has offered you a lecture on the wines of Europe then, you must seek out Vila Nova de Gaia and you’ll be able to put your newfound knowledge to the test.


Sailing down the Atlantic to Spain is an adventure in itself.  The hauntingly beautiful Basque region of Spain is quite different in terms of culture to the rest of Spain and has long seen itself as an independent state.  Food is taken very seriously in this city and if you have saved enough from you cruise deal try and visit just one of the beautiful restaurants in Bilbao. You could enjoy food and art at ‘Nerua’, which is based in the wonderful Guggenheim Museum.  Alternatively, try and time your trip to coincide with the ‘Aste Nagusia’ Festival.  This wonderful cultural explosion lasts for 10 days following the 15th August and manages to combine fireworks competitions with the ceremonial sinking of a statue of the Virgin Mary in the Nervion River.

By Celina Bledowska, writer and wine lover

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