Eurotrip Tips goes to… Europe!

Posted on 11. Apr, 2011 by in Europe Travel, expat France

So you guys wondered what had happened to this blog, eh?

I had to keep my project a surprise for many reasons but now I can finally reveal the reason of overall inactivity around here.

Eurotrip Tips is moving to France!

Striped shirts, baguettes, croissants au chocolat and wine, the whole deal. Oh and did I mention I will be living right above a chocolatier? That ain’t good news for my cholesterol (although my flat tire and I are beyond ourselves).

I’m leaving Canada mid-May… and I count the days like a little girl. I’m really excited! Because this time around, I know exactly what NOT to do and I intend on making great souvenirs out of this adventure. I already have so many things planned!

And finally, calling all travellers: what are your best central France tips? Where are the best wineries? The prettiest castles? The most breathtaking views? The quirkiest sights? I want to know it all.

What to expect on this blog until mid-May? Radical appearance changes, preparation-related posts, Bucket Lists and much more!


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16 Responses to “Eurotrip Tips goes to… Europe!”

  1. Christine

    11. Apr, 2011

    how exciting-I’m jealous! Let me know if you need any Cote d’Azur tips!!!

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  2. Brenna [fabuleuxdestin]

    12. Apr, 2011

    YAY FRANCE! and province ! What will you be doing?

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  3. Katherina

    12. Apr, 2011

    I’m so happy for you! I can’t give you much hints on central France, but let me know whenever you feel like coming to Switzerland, it’s not far away!

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  4. Annie

    12. Apr, 2011

    Ahhh I’m so excited for you!! I didn’t know that going to France was actually MOVING to France!

    I can’t wait for your posts coming up-what will you be doing there and where are you going?


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  5. melodie

    13. Apr, 2011

    C’est tellement excitant! J’ai hâte de suivre tes péripéties et tes découvertes. Vas-tu travailler ou tu vas profiter de cette année au max ?

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    • Marie

      13. Apr, 2011

      J’espère pouvoir travailler vite pour couvrir mes dépenses mais aussi pour rencontrer des gens. Mais pas un travail hyper prenant, plus quelque chose comme serveuse dans un café ou un pub. :)

      Thanks ladies for your comments, they’re all greatly appreciated. I’m moving to a mid-sized town called Clermont-Ferrand, it seems delightful. Right above a chocolatier!

      And thanks for the offer Katherina, I might take you up on that offer :)

      Brenna: I’m not sure yet. I would love to find a small job as pub/café waitress, just so I can meet locals and truly experience France. As for my free time… hiking and blogging will fill most of it, I think. The French seem especially fond of hiking, I’ll have to get used to it!

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  6. melodie

    13. Apr, 2011

    Est-ce que ton chum est en génie ? J’ai une amie qui a habité là, je pense, pendant 1 an pendant que son chum faisait un stage. Je ne veux pas te décourager, car toutes les situations sont différentes, mais elle a passé pratiquement 6 mois à essayer de trouver un travail. La paperasse et le manque de postes disponibles ont été débiles. Je pense qu’elle a fini par travailler dans un resto chinois quelque temps, mais qu’au bout du compte, elle s’est dit tant pis, je laisse laisser pour cette année :-) Si tu veux, je peux te refiler ses coordonnées.

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    • Marie

      13. Apr, 2011

      Ça m’angoisse profondément pour le travail… j’ai un ami français qui m’a bien fait sentir que j’allais avoir de la difficulté à trouver quelque chose !

      Oui, mon chum est en génie. Heureusement (pour nos finances!).

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  7. Abigail

    14. Apr, 2011

    Wow, how exciting! Eat some chocolate for me :)

    Do you love Great Britain? Come on over to the Britophile’s sanctuary where you’ll find pictures, video, recipes, history, news, and more!

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  8. HappyHomemakerUK

    15. Apr, 2011

    Very exciting! Sounds wonderful.

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  9. Sonya

    16. Apr, 2011

    Lovely blog! I just discovered it and I’ll follow your next adventure. Congrats on your move to France!

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  10. Vacation Remix

    17. Apr, 2011

    Enjoyed the read.

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  11. Roy | cruisesurfingz

    18. Apr, 2011

    Awesome! What will you be doing? I’ll be in Paris in June on an internship.

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  12. Annie

    19. Apr, 2011

    Just found your blog and loving every bit of it - I can relate to it so well! I’m also a Canadian girl currently studying in Bordeaux, France, so a warm welcome to you from France! Will definitely be checkin’ back to see how you’re doing :D

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  13. Villa Holidays

    26. Apr, 2011

    Europe is a wonderful place and I have been there.. Its one of the best place according to me.. I really enjoyed reading your post.. Thanks for sharing..

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