Tapas Crawl, or Getting Drunk in Granada

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Granada is well known for its tapas scene. Free tapas scene, to be exact! Every time you go to a bar and order a drink, a tapas will be brought to your table for free. Pretty cool concept, right?

As my friend used to say: For 10 euros, you can get totally drunk and sated“. And that’s absolutely true! And as much as I wanted to simply write a tapas crawl in Granada, it really doesn’t make sense on its own - I have to talk about all the booze involved!

Aw, how sweet we looked so early on in the night...

That was our first stop. Don’t we look sweet and reasonable? The boys discovered the local beer, Alhambra, while we, girls, tasted tinto de verano. It’s a mixture of red wine and Sprite, very easy to make and even more easy to drink… profusely! Very similar to sangria, it is however a little more sweet but less acid.

A few of the many, many drinks from that night...

The second bar on our itinerary was Bodegas Castaneda. That’s when it started to get serious. The drinks got bigger, as did the smiles. Sounds got louder and laughs got more frequent. We were on for a nice time, without a doubt! We were served some excellent fried fish with homemade patatas fritas… tasty! Although there were no seats available, people are welcome to have a drink standing near the bar.

Al Mundo de la Cerveza

Then we went to Al Mundo de la Cerveza. It was one of the prettiest tapas bars of that night, and I absolutely loved the many different beers offered (including the famous Duff!) and the beer memorabilia scattered everywhere.

La Chupiteria - be warned!

And last but not least, we ended up at La Chupiteria. Not so much of a tapas bar, but more of a shots bar. We were at the point where we didn’t want to eat anymore, just drink! And that’s exactly what we did. We tasted lots and lots of shots from the 120 available, covering all the colors of the rainbow and possibly every type of alcohol.

At around 5AM, we called it quits for the night and made a quick stop for kebab, the European hangover cure (as opposed to poutine in Montreal). We went to bed at 6AM, and decided that our motto for the trip would be “La fiesta y la siesta!”.

And that’s pretty much all we did!

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