A Guide to the Balearic Islands of Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza

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The Balearic Islands of Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza are the definition of a sun, sea and sand getaway. Picture golden sands, clear seas and blue skies that are completely empty of clouds and you have a Spanish holiday destination that is impossible to ignore. Each of the three main islands has its own unique characteristics that appeal to different holidaymakers - let’s see which one suits you best.

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Majorca or Mallorca, however you choose to pronounce it, is certain to entice you with its thriving nature and fascinating architecture. Heading to the capital city, Palma, will reward you with intricate cathedrals, churches and the stunning Bellver Castle. The Mondrago National Park is more than easy on the eyes and consists of pure white sandy beaches and some of the most incredibly clear waters of Europe. However for those hoping to spot a bit more than beaches, the S’Albufera Natural Park is brimming with flora and fauna, making it a birdwatcher’s and nature lover’s paradise. Not one to be beaten by its rival islands, Majorca also offers a fantastic nightlife, somewhat quieter than Ibiza but still vibrant enough to keep you dancing til dawn.

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Menorca is probably the least visited of the three main Balearic Islands. While some may feel that a holiday to Menorca can sacrifice an exciting and busy nightlife, others feel that the unspoilt feel of the island is the perfect getaway. Don’t head to Menorca if you want to drink multicoloured cocktails day and night, but only if you are looking for a tranquil, laid back break. The island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the incredible countryside can be explored on foot or horseback. Take advantage of the variety of water sports on offer or head inland for an exotic round of golf!

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Last but not least, Ibiza is the Balearic Island that everyone talks about. Party capital of the world, Ibiza lets you drink and dance until dawn and then start all over again. If you’re heading to the main resorts on the island don’t expect too much peace and quiet, everyone is there to party and in Ibiza you can’t do that by halves. With more water sports and activities available than you could ever hope to take part in during one holiday, there is never a dull moment on this action packed island. Taking a step back from the main resorts, holidays in Ibiza also allow you to truly unwind and soak up the atmosphere with popular quiet resorts, like Santa Eulalia.

Have you been to the Balearic Islands? Was it for the nightlife, the sights, the beaches? Speak up!

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  1. Katherina

    06. Jul, 2011

    Yay, I’m going here for my soon-to-come vacations! Well, actually, I’m spending only a weekend in Ibiza and then heading to Formentera… which should be included here, it’s such a beautiful chill out island (the tiniest of all of them!).

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  2. London Tours

    07. Jul, 2011

    What a great post. Such a cool place to visit. I know every year lots of visitors travel this cool place. Again thanks for this informative share on this great site

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  3. Abby

    07. Jul, 2011

    I spent a month in Ibiza in my early 20s — yes, it was the parties! But it really is magical there. And yes, Formentera, too. As an adult, I’ve been to Mallorca, but I want to go back. The islands are so stunning!

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    • Marie

      07. Jul, 2011

      Indeed, the views seem quite impressive. I didn’t exactly know where the Balearic Islands were before I published this but now I might just have to add them to my bucket list!

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  4. Ruta

    09. Jul, 2011

    This is really a great post! The photos are amazing!

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  5. humans vs aliens

    24. Aug, 2011

    I agree with your A Guide to the Balearic Islands | Eurotrip Tips, good post.

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