Hanging out by the Eiffel Tower at night

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Sometimes, travel is all about the simplest things. Maybe even the touristy ones.

Because really, it doesn’t get more touristy than the Eiffel Tower at night.

But still - it’s the kind of thing you have to see at least once in your lifetime, if not several times after that. If so many people rave about it, it’s must be something pretty damn special!

So that’s exactly what I did, never having seen the famous light show at 10PM. I wanted to see it for myself despite some feedback that said it was tacky (it kind of is). I walked up the Trocadéro for the best unobstructed views, and even though the Eiffel Tower was sparkling alright, I found myself captivated by something else entirely. 

Jean held my undivided attention.

(Please forgive me in advance - I am a terrible videographer. I promise I did not include this skill on my CV).

As Kate recently wrote, Wonderwall IS a worlwide success, and EVERYBODY knows the words. Including Jean, and the hundred people sitting on the Trocadéro’s steps.

Jean may have an obvious French-African accent. He may not be an international rock star. He may not even live in a fancy apartment in a posh neighborhood. But he gave me something unique, something I will never forget. He made me sing my lungs out to the most famous 90s anthem, while watching the sparkling Eiffel Tower. Who else can brag of giving this? No one else but Jean.

He also sang Let It Be by The Beatles, which I recorded, but I will spare you my beautifully cringy singing voice, which is quite loud on the video. You can barely even hear Jean at all, actually. Trust me, you do NOT want to hear that!

Next time I’m in Paris on a Monday evening, I will go to the Trocadéro and hope for another ’90s success, simply enjoying the moment. And I strongly suggest you do the same.

Have you ever met Jean? Do you like listening to troubadours when you travel? Where’s the most iconic place you’ve seen one?


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4 Responses to “Hanging out by the Eiffel Tower at night”

  1. Angela

    01. Jun, 2012

    Lovely atmosphere in Paris, I would love to go and hang out there for a while.

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  2. hahaha i love a good sign along! Although I wouldn’t want my voice being recorded either!

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    • Marie

      22. Jun, 2012

      That’s why I didn’t publish the video where we can all hear me singing, you DON’T want to hear that :P

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