Where to stay in Rotterdam: Hostel ROOM

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During my trip across Northern Europe, I made a brief stop in Rotterdam and stayed at the ROOM Hostel, thanks once again to Hostelworld. Here’s a review of my night there!

Hostel ROOM Rotterdam - The Location

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Hostel ROOM Rotterdam - The Hostel


The hostel is in a typical Dutch brownstone building, which is a bit on the old side, with creaking floors, and apparent wood - but instead of feeling run-down, it just feels charming, homey and welcoming.

The common rooms and reception are on the first floor, while the upper three levels are dorms and bedrooms. There is excellent wifi throughout the hostel, a friendly staff and plenty of books and board games to keep yourself entertained during your stay. While the decor isn’t the most modern and could use a bit of a revamp, it’s undoubtedly cozy and comfortable - just what you would expect in a hostel.

My only complain is that it can be a bit daunting to climb to the third floor without an elevator (I don’t travel lightly), but I guess it was the workout my arms had been longing all this time!

However my favorite thing about the Hostel ROOM Rotterdam is Leslie - the hotel’s dog. She’s cuddly and affectionate, and loves to meet new people (and also, interrupt my work)!


Hostel ROOM Rotterdam - The Rooms

I was assigned a really cute 2-bed dorm on the upper floor of the hostel - what a great room!

The decor was beautifully designed, there was ample space to walk around, even with a big suitcase, the room was spotless and close to the shared bathroom. I especially loved the lovely light/charging station above each bunk - very thoughtful and much appreciated.

The only problem about the room was the venting conducts - mine was right next to the bed, and unfortunately I couldn’t get much shut eye because the next door occupant snored like it was no one’s business. But I have to admit I wasn’t going to sleep much anyway, because the big Sandy hurricane was about to hit New York and in all honesty, I was glued to my phone for the better part of the night.

So all in all - GREAT rooms, but keep your earplugs within arm’s reach.

The Verdict

I think I may have been spoiled for hostels by staying at top-notch, luxury-like brands before. But if I’m honest, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Hostel ROOM Rotterdam - you get a warm welcome from both Leslie and the staff, a fun night hanging out in the common room, and a comfortable night sleep in a stylish room. I’m not sure what more I can ask for!

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Hostel ROOM Rotterdam and Hostelworld. As always, all opinions are my own.


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10 Responses to “Where to stay in Rotterdam: Hostel ROOM”

  1. Patricio

    30. Jan, 2013

    I stayed there once and I had the same problem with the noise. But just drink enough beer and that issue should sort itself out just fine!

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  2. Caroline

    30. Jan, 2013

    LOOOOVE the dog. I’d definitely stay there for that reason alone.

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  3. Marie-Claude

    30. Jan, 2013

    I appreciated the proximity to convenient things - bars, groceries, etc. Also, peanut butter for breakfast. Great hostel!

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      03. Feb, 2013

      I KNOW! Peanut butter in the morning was perhaps my favorite thing about the hostel.

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  4. John

    30. Jan, 2013

    Wasn’t a big fan - it was a bit too dated for me. But I can see why younger people would enjoy it!

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      03. Feb, 2013

      Indeed - a very fun place that could use a fresh coat of paint in the common areas.

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  5. Peter

    21. May, 2013

    My favourite place, in June I’l be there for the 4th time.
    By the way, the dogs name is Lexie :)

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  6. Ida

    16. Jul, 2014

    Nice steam showers, we had one of these built approximately five years ago and it may possibly do with upgrading, never get a boring old standard kind of shower ever again

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