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Kipps Backpackers in Brighton is the ultimate backpacking hostel — inexpensive beds, basic amenities, good location close to the sea and the bars of North Laine. In my opinion, a great place to crash for a night or two (but perhaps not much longer).

Kipps Backpackers Brighton: The Location

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The hostel is located on the busy Grand Parade, just steps away from the iconic Brighton Pavilion, and a few minutes walk from the Brighton Pier and the sea, as well as being easily walkable from the bars and shops of the North Laine as well as the iconic center along Queen’s Road. It is quite a bit of a stroll from the train station, but quite manageable on the odd sunny day. Location-wise, I would say the hostel is A+ for the youngsters wanting to be close to the legendary Brighton nightlife.

Kipps Backpackers Brighton: The Hostel

The common room

Although quite small and old, the building where the hostel is located is welcoming and well-decorated throughout. From the patriotic Union Jacks items in the common living rooms to Banksy-like art scattered around the halls, the hostel truly reflects its home city: cozy and surprising albeit not perfect, but utterly charming.

Free fruits & cookies!

Since the building is so narrow — as most old houses in Brighton are — the rooms are located on the third, fourth and fifth floor, which can be a hassle for urbanites like me who cannot for the life of them travel light. But the way I see it, those stairs were just a way for me to burn off the calories from those numerous fish & chips.

The hostel’s facilities include a licensed bar, an outside terrace, lounge area with digital television and free internet access. Free Wi-Fi is also available throughout the hostel, even on the fifth floor, which is definitely worth a mention as not all Wi-Fi networks and reception are equal. The hostel is well-known for its festive evenings, thanks to the many events organised by the staff nightly like Wii/Xbox Nights, Pasta Nights, Pizza Nights, Cocktail Nights and Pub Nights.

Loved the Banksy art.

Kipps Backpackers Brighton: The Rooms

My private room was located all the way up the fifth floor and was quite comfortable. It featured a single bed, a sink and a small television — on which I was able to watch the London marathon! — as well as surprising but highly welcomed touches like coffee/tea making facilities and a grooming kit. Not all hostels go through all that trouble to satisfy their guests, and I have to say I truly appreciated these attentions.


My only concern was the thin walls. I do sleep like a bear — once I’m out, I’m OUT — but I had forgotten how noisy hostels can be, especially when a group of friends book the room next door and just won’t stop the party. This is a free world and I cannot stop them from doing whatever it is that they were doing, but a gal needs her beauty sleep, and the walls were so thin I could hear my neighbors breathe.

Also, being so close to the ocean means a higher chance of being awaken by an angry seagull in McDonald’s withdrawal. But I found that more quirky and charming than irritating.


Kipps Backpackers Brighton is a no-frills, basic hostel that provides a comfortable bed to sleep on and the amenities party travelers need. I do prefer higher end hotel rooms, but the hostel gave me just what I needed: a safe place to sleep, extra toothpaste and a warm welcoming smile. I really don’t know what one can ask more of a hostel.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Kipps Bacpkackers. As always, all opinions are my own.


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