Living Like a Local: GoWithOh London

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Accommodation in London can be quite a puzzle to solve - between all the incredible locations and neighborhoods, luxury or budget opportunities and everything else, picking the right option can become quite the nightmare. Luckily, a new trend emerged on the market over the last few years: short-term vacation rentals. Live like a Londoner for a few days and enjoy the city like never before.

And it’s exactly what I did.

GoWithOh London: The Apartment

The apartment I picked was, well, quite perfect. It had everything I needed, both in terms of location, amenities and style.

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The location

Nestled in bustling Covent Garden, the flat was easily accessible by public transit, and within walking distance of just about everything, from restaurants to pubs to grocery stores to pharmacies and entertainment venues. Here are a few of my favorite hangouts in the area:

  • The National Portrait Gallery (St. Martin’s Place) for a visual history of Britain
  • The London Transport Museum shop (39 Wellington Street) for quirky souvenirs
  • Sweet Couture Cupcakes (23b New Row)  for a well-deserved treat
  • Wahaca (66 Chandos Place) for some delicious Mexican delicacies
  • The Lamb & Flag (33 Rose Street) one of London’s oldest pubs and a favorite of Charles Dickens himself.

The only glitch was that Google doesn’t always recognize the address - which is Google’s fault really, not GoWithOh’s or anyone else’s. Just make sure you take a real good look at the map before you get there.

The flat

How many times can you say “nice digs”?

The flat is fully equipped with washer/dryer, refrigerator, cooking range and dish-washer, making it easy for the frugal travelers to save money and eat in and avoid the, let’s face it, semi-permanent London downpour. Additionally, the apartment featured a separate bedroom with full en-suite, as well as a powder room for visitors and a large, stylishly designed living room.

I especially loved the guilt-free people watching from the kitchen window, which overlooks the peaceful St. Paul’s Church courtyard.

Also, free WiFi throughout.

Bonus points: the elevator opens right up in the apartment (you still need to unlock the door, naturally - not just anybody can walk in!) in the manner of a fancy-schmancy penthouse, which I loved. I felt like a deep-pocketed Londoner with expensive taste!

GoWithOh London: The Verdict

The view from by bedroom. Not bad!

As you can probably tell already, I loved my stay with GoWithOh London. It’s hard not to when the flat is that nice!

The only downside of that kind of short-term rental is that you often have to pick up the keys in an entirely different neighborhood, depending on where the owner is. But then again, I definitely think that it’s worth this small hassle in the end, especially when the flat itself is so welcoming and fun to be in.

I would definitely recommend GoWithOh from other similar companies - I had an excellent experience with them, including impeccable customer service. Kudos to GoWithOh!

Disclaimer: I was a guest of GoWithOh London. As always, all opinions are my own.


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  1. Laura @Travelocafe

    30. Jun, 2013

    It’s clear to me that you have enjoyed your time with GoWithOh. It seems to be a serious company with a collection of great flats. One day maybe I will stay with them.

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      01. Jul, 2013

      I really did! Amazing people to work with. Thanks for your comment, Laura.

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