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 When comes the time to plan a London getaway, one of the first things to look into is the accommodation - it’s such a large chunk of the budget! And I have definitely outgrown hostel dorms, which only makes this task harder for me. But luckily, Central London Apartments and Think Earls Court Apartments came to the rescue, and I was more than happy to try them out. Why pay exorbitant prices for a bed when you can pay even less, for your own kitchen and living room as well? I am definitely a fan of the short-term flat rental now and would not have it any other way.

Central London Apartments: The Location

I opted for a studio apartment in Earl’s Court, and I can’t stress enough how much I loved it. The location was more than convenient, being a short walk from the District/Circle/Picaddilly lines,  and just around the corner of a 24 hour Tesco. While there isn’t much activity around the flat itself, nearby Old Brompton Road and Earl’s Court Road are filled with restaurants, convenience stores and pubs for your enjoyment. It’s a pretty safe neighborhood and as I was solo during this trip, that was very important to me. So kudos for the location!

Central London Apartments: The Flat

The building is quite big, and very modern, with a large, welcoming common area on the ground floor. The flat I got was on the seventh floor,a nd I particularly loved the glossy red elevators and the super thick carpets in the corridors (that canceled the noise of little kids running around - I need my beauty sleep in the morning!)

The view from the bedroom window - not bad, eh?

The minute I set foot in the flat I was smitten – it was top-notch, high-quality and absolutely gorgeous. Despite it being rather small, it’s very well designed so it doesn’t feel too much cramped.

The flat had an open-space concept, with a bedroom, living room and kitchen area.

The bedroom as such was quite basic, but had the most luxurious duvet covers ever, and I slept like a baby despite the rather short nights I had (or maybe I just so happy to have the bed all to myself for once, but I’m pretty sure the fluffy throws had something to do with it).

The bathroom was very cute and contemporary in blue tones and a mosaic-tiled shower – again, pretty tiny but well designed so that every inch is efficient and fully used. The largest part of the flat was the kitchenette/living room area, which had nice views over the neighborhood (if you can actually see something through the almost permanent London fog). The kitchen was fully equipped with a large fridge, a microwave oven and a small dishwasher, which came quite handy for my 4AM wake-up call (who wants to do the dishes at that ungodly hour?)

Central London Apartments

A nice touch - a personalized welcome note and a wine bottle!

With prices starting at £80 per night, it really is a steal considering the high-quality you are getting and the facilities you will have access to. The only downside is that the whole experience made me feel bittersweet about being an ex-Londoner acting like an actual Londoner, and having to leave again… which I guess only means that they have done their job very well.

Have you stayed at a holiday rental before? How was your experience?

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Central London Apartments and Think Earls Court Apartments. As always, all opinions are my own. I really did have a great stay,  wine bottle notwithstanding.


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