5 Reasons Why I Love London Double Decker Bus

Posted on 07. Apr, 2010 by in Destinations, Europe Travel, United Kingdom

Whenever I am in London, I find myself drawn to the double decker bus. Kind of hard to miss, right? While the reasons why I am so completely in love with London remain unclear, my love for its buses is actually pretty simple to explain.

double decker bus

The famous Routemaster

1.   They’re just so freaking cool. I mean, it doesn’t get any cooler than sitting on the front seat on the second floor. For us Westerners, it does get a bit scary at turns, but the sheer coolness of the moment totally makes up for it.

2.   Recognizable all around the world, it’s a classic tourist photo of London. Very few places in the world have double decker buses, much less bright red ones! Some routes, like 9 and 15, even have the old Routemaster, from which you can hop off at any time. How iconic is that?

3.   Possibility of off-the-beaten-path-kind-of sightseeing. It seems like the city is so much different when seen from the top floor of a double decker! You truly get to sit back and enjoy the views from an unusual angle and see things that would otherwise got unnoticed.

4.   They’re so cheap to use! If you’re smart enough to get an OysterCard, you’ll save big bucks by riding the bus! A single ride with OysterCard s £1.35, as opposed to £2.50 cash - which means that you save almost 50% on transportation costs by getting an OysterCard and sticking to buses (always keeping in mind the daily maximum of £7). What more can you want? 

5.   You can’t get lost. There are vocal and visual announcements of what the next stop is, making sure that no tourist gets lost in the London maze, and also pointing out famous sights. And with the super cool maps at every stop, you can’t possibly get on the wrong bus. People who think it’s easier to get lost on a bus than on the tube obviously have not been to London!

Do you also love the famous London buses? Have you been on a double decker before? Are you familiar with Transport for London?


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9 Responses to “5 Reasons Why I Love London Double Decker Bus”

  1. orange

    08. Apr, 2010

    i love this bus. the first thing i did as i arrived in london is to take a ride around london on it XD

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  2. Olivia (UK)

    25. Apr, 2010

    Love London buses!

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  3. k k misra

    25. Aug, 2010

    What a beautiful air port

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  4. javier lorenzo

    19. Oct, 2011

    Old Routemaster is a tradition, I LOve it too! The best way to do a sightseeing! I want more tourist routes on the old double decker!

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