Monday’s Postcard: Banyoles, Spain

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On the first day of my press trip in Catalonia, we immediately checked in the villa we would stay in for the night - which was amazing! A 18th century rustic house in the middle of a small forest right outside of Girona. It’s one of the biggest house I’ve ever visited. But after visiting it, we were left to ourselves for the day and decided to explore the nearby village of Banyoles, which was highly recommended by the locals.

Lake Banyoles

Lake Banyoles

Banyoles is mainly famous for its lake, which is not only located in a tectonic depression, but it also was the rowing venue for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. I think the lake kept its sportive side because I noticed several English runners training around it. With such a beautiful setting, who can blame them? Gotta love these snowy Pyrenees in the background.

Plaça Major

Plaça Major

Plaça Major

I also loved the pretty Plaça Major, with colorful flags and a whimsical feel to it. We stopped there to refuel at lunch, but it was mostly because we wanted to soak up in the sun on a terrace for a little while. It felt good to wind down a bit! And as much as I loved my Catalonia trip, after having been on the road for a few weeks now, winding down on  holidays to Tenerife sounds very appealing…

Disclaimer: I was offered a complimentary blog trip by Charming Villas Catalonia. As always, all opinions are my own.

Have you been to Banyoles? What is your favorite Catalan village?

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3 Responses to “Monday’s Postcard: Banyoles, Spain”

  1. jade

    06. Mar, 2012

    Ah, so this is what you were doing when we were driving up from Barcelona!? Sounds lovely! I love the colorful buildings and cute flags blowing in the wind. Beautiful photos!

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  2. Wow the lake does look beautiful! I can see why it would be popular with runners. Running is easier when you are surrounded by beauty :)

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  3. Flat or Apartment

    08. Mar, 2012

    The lake seems so serene and marvelous. i love the colors and lights in the photos.

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