Monday’s Postcard: Berlin, Germany

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This week’s postcard is the famous Berliner Dom, in, well, you’ve guess it: Berlin.

Mistakenly known as Berlin Cathedral, the Dom has never been the seat of a bishop and therefore cannot be called a cathedral - it is thus a church. Its construction started in 1465 and was continued until the early 20th century. The dome partially collapsed when it was bombed by the Allies during WWII, and the actual church did not reopen until 1993.  It is today one of the most iconic buildings in Berlin, as an important piece of the varied architecture throughout the city.

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Berliner Dom in Berlin

While I have hundreds of snaps I can’t wait to share, if you would like to have your own published here, send me an email and I will be happy to look through your work and find the perfect fit for this feature.

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  1. Stéphane

    20. Feb, 2012

    My hotel in Berlin was near the Berliner Dom, so I used to walk by in the morning and in the evening every day for a week. The Dom is simply amazing at dusk when the whole walls enlighten in a gold color with the last sun rays of the day !

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