Dresden Christmas Market - In Photos

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You know the feeling you have when you feel like you’ve entered Christmas heaven, and suddenly everything in the world is a little better?

This is exactly what the Dresden Christmas market feels like. Christmassy goodness, delicious smells assaulting your nose from every direction, the warmth of a glüwhein cup in your hands, and a giddy smile on your face as your brain slowly morphs into your 7 year-old self while you hop from one market to another.

My two favorite markets were the traditional Striezelmarkt, and the medieval display at Neumarkt - both fascinating in their own way, for my inner child and my grown-up self.

Did you know that the Dresden Christmas market is the oldest and largest ones in Germany, with more than 230 stands whose tradition go all the way back to 1434?

This is perhaps what makes the city so interesting - such an old and festive tradition, in a city that’s been completely rebuilt from ashes not even 60 years ago. A blink, by historic standards. And yet, even the most experienced eye could be fooled into thinking that the markets in Dresden were always that way, free of warfare tragedy, in a continuous Christmas spirit, year after year.

And for once, I thought it was okay to give in, simply enjoy my surroundings, eat my weight in Kräppelchen and let myself my inner 7 year-old shine.

Have you been to the Dresden Christmas market, or another one in Germany? What’s your favorite thing about the Christmas markets?


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6 Responses to “Dresden Christmas Market - In Photos”

  1. randOM

    17. Dec, 2012

    You’re a bit to romantic :-)
    Stallhof market is much better…

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  2. Adrienne

    18. Dec, 2012

    Loving this trip around the markets you are doing. A German Christmas market tour is a must do for me one day. Great photos

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  3. Andrea

    20. Dec, 2012

    Dresden is so pretty - we really enjoyed it when we were there. Would be great to see the Christmas market there!

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      03. Jan, 2013

      It’s apparently the oldest one in Germany, and it was great! Variety and prettyness.

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