Monday’s Postcard: Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris

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When I was in Paris two weeks ago during the French elections, I found myself right by the Élysée Palace, even though I hadn’t planned on it (my orientation skills take a serious hit whenever I’m in Paris).

Not only is the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré the home of the French President, it’s also home to hundreds of haute couture boutiques, upscale tea rooms and highly guarded secret alleys. All very popular things among us, millionaire travel bloggers.

When you think about it, the contrast between the two (seat of government AND luxury shops) is quite interesting. But it makes me a bit uneasy, for some reason.

Yves Saint-Laurent


Decadent chandeliers and overpriced clothing, meet… the presidential home!

Although considering Sarkozy’s popular nickname “President Bling-Bling”, I’ll bet he wasn’t totally opposed to the idea of having his favorite designers within arm’s reach!

Are you comfortable with the idea of luxury items and the presidential home being so close to each other? Do you like to visit high end boutiques on your travels?

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