The Love Locks of Paris - In Photos

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As I travel throughout Europe’s corners, one thing I started to notice is how popular the “love locks” have gotten. Nobody really knows for sure where -or why- the tradition started, but no one can deny how popular they have gotten over the last decade or so.

Venice. Cologne. Florence. Paris. London. It seems that the locks have spread on every bridge in Europe!

Although from what I gather, Paris is known to have a particularly high number of padlocks - both the Pont des Arts ( near the Louvre) and the Pont de l’Archevêché (near Notre-Dame-de-Paris) are literally walled with all kinds of locks - and I’m guessing the Seine is full of keys and promises, too.

At one point in 2010, the Paris City Hall decided that enough was enough, and all the locks promptly disappeared overnight, claiming that it affected the architectural heritage of the city. People did not agree with that, and locks started to proliferate again just a few days after.

I wonder if people that had their lock thrown away came back to get a new one? Is there some sort of “seven years of bad sex” spell when you break your lock?

I think it’s pretty amazing to look at all this love. Considering that Paris is the most visited city in the world, can you imagine how many countries are represented on these bridges?

Love in all languages!

The last one is probably my favorite. I think it’s really cute that the couple added their newborn on the lock - another proof that love doesn’t have to exclusively be between a man and a woman. It can be anywhere, between anyone, with all kinds of intensities!

Family love

It”s a bit of a cheesy tradition, I agree. But is it okay that I still kind of want one of my own? A little bit.

In case you really really really want one, you can even get it engraved here.

Are you a fan of love locks? Do you have one somewhere in the world? Do you find this tradition romantic or not? 


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15 Responses to “The Love Locks of Paris - In Photos”

  1. Katherina

    04. Jun, 2012

    These pictures are beautiful! I can’t believe I’ve never seen this - despite having been in Paris so many times!

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  2. Christine

    04. Jun, 2012

    So funny-my friend and I were walking across this bridge just a few nights ago and got into a big discussion over whether or not they took off all the locks at some point-so glad you cleared up our discussion!

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  3. Cole @ Four Jandals

    05. Jun, 2012

    When we first arrived in Paris we thought there was only 1 bridge with them on. But seemed like every bridge had them! We couldn’t figure out which was the “special” bridge they were meant to be on.

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    • Marie

      08. Jun, 2012

      Initially it was only one bridge, but the trend grew so popular it evolved to many other bridges!

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  4. Laurence

    06. Jun, 2012

    I love this sort of thing. I found them in Cologne and London, and think they’re really nice :D

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  5. They really are everywhere! I think it’s kind of sweet (albeit a little cheesy, like you say - ah, what’s life without a little cheesiness??) I most recently saw them on the ‘Lover’s Lane’ walk on the Cinque Terre in Italy. So romantic…

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    • Marie

      21. Jun, 2012

      Ohh I bet the one in Cinque Terre would be quite romantic with such a setting!

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  6. I love this tradition! i am getting married in a few months and we are going to do this in Australia!

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  7. Very romantic. Is the idea that people throw the key into the river after they have attached their padlock of love? Or do people hold on to the key as a keepsake?

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      30. Jul, 2012

      Tradition says you have to throw the key in the river.

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