The sunsets of Deauville - In Photos

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I only stopped in Deauville to refuel.

Both the car, and my stomach, I mean. When you spend a week in Normandy for the first time, Deauville isn’t on top of your priorities. But then I saw this.

It actually started raining while I was watching the sunset. I LOVE those moments where you can’t really find the exact word to describe the weather - the golden rays of the sunset are so pretty, as long as you have an umbrella. Or the cold rain feel so good after a hot summer day but the sun is blinding me!

Which is it?!?

After I got over my word crisis, I realized that the boardwalk was filled with famous actor and director names. Intrigued, I got my trusty encyclopedia and turns out that there’s a pretty cool festival in Deauville every early September - The Deauville American Film Festival. This year, the guests of honor were Salma Hayek and Liam Neeson.

I think I should plan more carefully next year!

Have you ever been to Deauville’s movie festival, or at all? Did you also think it was a bit tacky?


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