Monday’s Postcard: Clermont-Ferrand, France

Posted on 06. Feb, 2012 by in Destinations, Europe Travel, France, Photo Posts

With the slightly freezing weather Europe is going through right now comes the usual joys of winter: snow, ice, windchill, wet socks and teeth clatter. And Auvergne is no exception! There has been snow in Clermont-Ferrand for about a week now, and the Canadian in me could not be more thrilled (although I wish I had brought my winter gear with me).

I took these photos on my way back from the Film Fest, and let me tell you, it is not easy to get good shots with a camera phone during a snow storm!

snow in clermont-ferrand
A snowman near Notre-Dame Cathedral
Place de la Victoire

A friendly snow ball fight was in order, the perfect activity to use up the usual snowstorm guidiness! Iit reminded me of the famous snowfall when I was in London, and needless to say that even though I could barely feel my toes anymore, I went home with a smile that night.

Have you experienced a snowfall during your travels? In unexpected places? Do you travel uniquely for the snow?


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7 Responses to “Monday’s Postcard: Clermont-Ferrand, France”

  1. Jeff Titelius

    06. Feb, 2012

    Love it… how I wish I were in Europe last week to see all the snow!! Great pics my friend.

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  2. Abby

    07. Feb, 2012

    So beautiful. I finally drove up into the mountains this weekend to see snow at least once this winter lol. Your photos (almost) make me want to see more!

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  3. Jade -

    07. Feb, 2012

    After two winters in the southern hemisphere, I am starting to miss a proper winter a little bit…. but only a little bit

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  4. Laurence

    07. Feb, 2012

    I can confirm that it’s damn cold in France. Pretty though :D

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  5. John

    12. Feb, 2012

    Marie, are you really saying that you are Canadian and didn’t bring your winter gear to Europe. The Auveregne has some ski stations, I follow @ericlodi on Twitter who spends all season in the Auvergne.
    As for asking if I travel uniquely for snow. Well not uniquely exactly but it is the major reason for travelling to stay in a place for an extended period.

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    • Marie

      13. Feb, 2012

      Considering that major snowfalls and -15 weather is absolutely not common for Clermont-Ferrand, and that I have no interest in winter sports, I didn’t see any utility for my parka and boots attire ;-) it’s not like I could have predicted this weather!

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  6. I only travel for snow when I want to snowboard :-)

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