My Secrests Revealed: Gadling’s Twenty Travel Things

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Gadling has recently released a new Travel Meme on Facebook. I thought sharing it here would be a great idea for you guys to learn a little more about me and to tell me more about you, should you decide to answer to these questions yourself. Please do, I would love to know more about you guys!

Here we go!

1. What’s your first travel memory? My parents were not too keen on long car rides and extensive travel – not to mention air travel. But I do remember spending all my summer vacations at my grandmother’s place in Haute-Mauricie, in Quebec. In total peace with nature. And giant bugs. I also spent a lot of time in Quebec City as well.

2. Name one place that you traveled to as a kid and returned to as an adult. That would be Quebec City. I have friend there now and I love visiting them, either in the summer or in the winter. Quebec City is a beautiful place year-round.

3. Was it weird? A little bit at first, but now I’m building up new souvenirs. But depending on where I go, I sometimes have flashbacks of the times when I was there with my parents.

4. How do you sleep on airplanes: booze, drugs or au natural? I have transportation sickness – my best friend while travelling, other than my fiance’s arms (either to sleep on or to carry my luggage, multiple uses really), is two pills of Gravol. I doze off shortly after take-off and wake up after landing (if only I knew that the first time I flew an airplane).

Atlantic Ocean

5. Name one thing you think every traveler should see before they die. It’s very personal, but I would say the ocean. It’s a special feeling standing there, watching the ocean and thinking that there isn’t anything ahead other than a thousand kilometers of water.

6. Where have you been that you would not recommend to others? Dublin. Although I do recommend Ireland, I do not, however, recommend spending a whole lot of time in its capital. When I re-read this, I find it really ridiculous when so many travellers have horror stories when they were stuck in bidonvilles in Africa and such. But really, Dublin is a bit dull.

7. Name one non-travel thing you learned on a trip. To love people the way they are and appreciate them for their differences. And that even applies to my travelling companion, to whom I discovered new sides and loved him even more.

8. Do you play any games when you travel, like counting convertibles or mullets? I never thought of it as a game but I do remember counting how many times an Italian man gesticulated while talking. The answer: a lot!

9. What’s an awesome idea for a theme park that no one has thought up? Keyword: transportation sickness. I do not dig theme parks. Even Disneyland.

Monkeys in Gibraltar

10. Name the coolest animal you’ve seen in the wild and tell why you loved it. Monkeys in Gibraltar. I loved it because first, it was a freakin’ monkey, and second, because it made me realize how lucky I was to be there at that exact moment.

11. If you could go to Bora Bora with anyone, who would it be? My fiancé. Now that we are back in our place in Montreal, I work my ass off, he studies his ass off and we barely have time for each other. That would be a nice vacation.

12. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten on your travels? I am not a big taster (I kind of have a tiny comfort zone. I’m working on that) but I do remember these oily, non-appetizing bacon dumplings in Czech Republic. I’d rather not remember the taste.

13. Yellowstone or Yosemite? If I must…. Yosemite.

14. What country do you think has the best traditional fashion? I kind of have a thing for kilts and Scottish men. It’s a funny contrat, when you think of it: strong, robust men wearing…  skirts.

15. Name one place in the USA you’ve never been to but want to see. I simply cannot choose. What a cruel thing to ask to a traveller! 

Autumn in Eastern Townships, Quebec

16. Road trips: Love or hate?

Absolutely love. Purest form of liberty. Truly unique souvenirs.

17. Do you or have you ever lived abroad? I lived in London for a year, two years ago. The travel bug bit me hard. I’m still recovering.

18. Do you sleep in when traveling, or get up at the crack of dawn? Well, thanks to budget airlines who schedule  their cheapest flights at 6AM, sometimes I had to get up at 3AM (what a girl’s gotta do to save some bucks).  But when I didn’t have to get out of town, I liked to stay in bed as late as possible (in other words, a little before free breakfast was over).

19. Name three things you hate about being away from home. Missing my cat. Not having an easy access to whatever I want. Being stressed out in airports.

20. Name three things you love about travel. Free schedule. Photography. Constant discovery.

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