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In the midst of both end-of-the-year and much talked about end-of-the-world come the inevitable topic of retrospectives.

And now that we officially survived the Mayan apocalypse (and went through a photographic retrospective), I thought it was time to go through a last recap of 2012 by sharing the posts that got the most clicks, and what, dear readers, caught your attention. Here we go.

So you want to be a travel blogger?

My post about the realities of being a full-time travel blogger received quite a lot of attention from the industry, with reason - I wrote a brutally honest post about the ups and downs of this career, shedding light on what seems like an ultra-glamorous occupation from the outside, but really is 80-hour work weeks, no vacation and constant emails to advertisers and PR people. I love my job, but I thought it was time to clarify some things about it!

Remembering London, a photo essay

God knows (and you too, certainly, since I can’t seem to stop talking about it) I love this city. Something with the mix of ancient and modern, everywhere you look. The constant hussle, of people going places, be it the latest restaurant opening, a West End musical or a new museum exhibition. London doesn’t stop, ever, and this is precisely why I love this place so much.

I Hate Ryanair – Or Why I Will Never Ever Fly With Them Again

This was the most popular post of all times on my blog. People LOVE to hate Ryanair, that much is true! Reasonably so! Because it truly is a shitty airline, if you ask me, and no matter how small my budget is, I swore to myself I would never fall for their prices again. The experience just isn’t worth it.

10 Little Known Facts About the UK

While doing research for this post I found out that Britain is quite the odd little country - with such an old history, many laws that seemed fair at the time are quite simply ridiculous today, and yet still very much in place. You will be surprised at some of the things you will learn in there!

photos of ireland

Who knew Ireland was so… Irish?

One of the things that surprised me the most about the Emerald Island is the clichés - they’re ALL true! Yes, the Irish drink a lot, yes the weather is windy and rainy, and yes, there is a legend for just about every mountain or castle. And that’s all part of why I love Ireland so much!

Traveling in France – My Personal Tips

After almost two years living as an expat in this country, I think it’s fair to say that I’ve traveled a lot, and know my way around. France can be a tricky country sometimes, so I decided to share the few things I learned during my travels.

14 things I hate about travel

I had so much fun writing this post, and it paid off! I’m a very methodical person, in the sense that I like things to be done a certain way (not to say MY way) and I tend to judge everything and everyone who chooses to do otherwise. Including taking photos of Notre-Dame-de-Paris with their iPad or wearing toe shoes out in public.


Delft, the quintessential Dutch village

When I said I found the perfect Dutch village, I wasn’t kidding: cheeses, gabled roofs, bicycles and canals everywhere! If you have one stop to do in the Netherlands, this is it.

Why I’m in Love With Annecy

This Savoie gem, right by the French Alps, is one of my favorite spots in the country - and not only because it serves the absolute best cheese fondue in the entire world. There is gorgeous mountainous scenery all around, a quaint Old Town and welcoming locals.  What’s not to like?

The Palace of Versailles, the Most Infuriating Place on Earth?

Don’t get me wrong - the Palace of Versailles is one of the most opulent places in France, and truly makes for a great daytrip out of Paris. Only if you can stand the crowds! You see, apparently we aren’t the only ones to know just how grand the Palace is, and quite a few people want to see it.

Cruise in the Norway fjords? Check!

This one was published very recently, but apparently people LOVE Norway! And so did I. I look forward to publishing more Norwegian goodness this year, and I can only hope it will be as popular as this fjord photo essay.

Travel Photography Series: 5 Things You Need to Take More Photos Of

I’m by no means a photography expert - that’s pretty clear. But I still think of myself as an amateur photographer, and I like to think that my photos aren’t that bad. With the Travel Photography Series, I’m hoping to inspire people to work on getting better travel photos, and not just frantically snap landmark after landmark.


These were the 12 most popular posts of 2012 on EurotripTips - what were YOUR favorites?


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