Sunday’s I Want To Go To There: Liechtenstein


Vaduz Castle

So this week we continue with the theme of less known places. Although this time, it’s not a city like usual, but a country, which doesn’t make that much of a difference: the whole of Liechtenstein is actually the size of Brussels. Or 10 times smaller than London. Or 8 times smaller than Rome. Or 15 times smaller than Ankara. You get the idea.

Despite its tiny size, Liechtenstein is certainly not uninteresting. Landlocked between Austria and Switzerland, it lies entirely within the Alps. Hello scenery! Fun fact: it’s the only German speaking country not sharing a common border with Germany.

It goes without saying that the main attraction in Liechtenstein are the views, but there are a few places worth visiting, starting in the country’s capital, Vaduz. The city centre is totally carfree and pretty small, making it a great stroll opportunity. The Red House, Cathedral of St.Florin and the National Museum are amongst the most visited sites in the city. Vaduz offers excellent wineries too. It’s not just any wine, though - it’s Royal wine. The main winery is located on the Prince’s ground, one of the few flat grounds of the country.  Local wine is not exported anywhere, so you really do have to go there and get it yourself.

Vaduz from the Castle Hill

Also, Vaduz Castle. Located on a hilltop overlooking Vaduz, the castle is still today the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein. Because of that, it is not open to tourists but the surrounding area offers outstanding views.

Oh and there are no border control when entering and exiting Liechtenstein. If you want to add a stamp to your passport’s stamp collection, you have to visit the Tourism Office in central Vaduz and pay a lovely €3.

In conclusion, Liechtenstein can pretty much be wrapped up in a few hours - but they are going to be amazing hours in the middle of the Alps. The fresh air, the views, the wine. How cool is that? Liechtenstein is a great addition to any Alps trip, whether  you’re based in Austria, Switzerland or Southern Germany.


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4 Responses to “Sunday’s I Want To Go To There: Liechtenstein”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that place looks lovely! But how do we get there? Since in the Alps, can we get there by train or bus (or in another fancy way?)

  2. Marie says:

    The best way to get there is actually by car because there are no train stations in Vaduz and no direct bus route. There is, however, a bus route to Schaan, from which you can take another bus and get to Vaduz. But really, a car is best, especially considering the scenery and the fact that the country can be crossed in less than half an hour.

  3. We visited there last year; we were five persons and really enjoyed to travel around by bus. It is an economical and best way to explore attractive sights. We spent three worthwhile days and would like to visit there again for one week in winter season.

    Best Regards,

  4. Marie says:

    One week? Most people I talked to said one day is by far enough! I guess it depends on your interests, and as long as you enjoy your journey, nothing else matters. ;)

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