Sunday’s I Want To Go To There: Carter Bar, Great-Britain


Carter Bar - courtesy of Barbara JH @ Flick

This week features a little more odd destination. It’s not a country nor a city, it’s just a small attraction near the A68 motorway between Newcastle and Edinburgh. Some might say it’s a ridiculous sight while others might have the time of their life snapping funny faces with it. What can it be, you say? It’s Carter Bar!

Carter Bar is the exact spot where England and Scotland meet, the instant of a touristy photo. There isn’t much to do in the area except this frontier-like piece of rock, but still, it’s really worth the stop if you happen to be in the area. There are some classic travel pictures one must take, and this is one of them. Like ringing someone from a Red Telephone Box. Or strike a funny looking pose next to a Queen’s Guard. You know the drill.

On a more serious note: due to its 418 meters high location, this spot offers great views of the area. Particularly lovely in the winter!

What’s your favorite side of the rock? I don’t think I would be able to choose. Although the Scottish side certainly seems entertaining.

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