London Transport Museum opens two new exhibitions: Under Attack and Aldwych Station


New exhibition at London's Transport Museum

London’s Transport Museum has just opened a new exhibition, called Under Attack, on what’s known in Britain as the Blitz, to commemorate its 70th anniversary. For the non-Brits out there, the Blitz is the time where London, Coventry and Dresden were bombed during the Second World War.  Here’s a short excerpt of the Museum’s website:

“The exhibition will explore some of the myths and reality of the wartime experience and review the changing nature of popular memory in relation to the Blitz attacks in England and the Firestorm in Dresden. A series of unique displays will show how each city prepared for war and the contrasting role of their transport systems. In London and Coventry, public transport was used to evacuate children and others out of the city, whilst in Dresden, the city itself was regarded as a shelter with transport bringing refugees into the centre.”

That sounds really interesting! I bet there are many exclusive and authentic photographs featured. As a WWII and photography buff, that would’ve been a great occasion for me to learn (and see!) even more about this event and how it affected London. It must feel really strange to see our actual London visual cues, the places we know and love, momentarily transformed by this tragedy, which, sadly, is not as far back behind us as we’d like to think.

Also, as you will learn during this exhibition, some of London’s tube stations were used as shelters during the bombings. One of them, Aldwych, a disused station in Westminster, is opened to the public for a rare visit from September 24th to September 26th. The visit is led by actors who will recreate what life was like down there. There are two ways to get tickets: either ring 020 7565 7298 or go to the London Transport Museum ticket desk in Covent Garden. Be quick, as tickets are limited (and fairly cheap at £8.50).

Aldwych Roundel

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  1. Steve says:

    That would be a great exhibition to see. Actually seeing one of the stations used during the blitz with actors would be memorable. I wish I could go there to see it since I’m kind of a WWII buff too. I wouldn’t miss it if I were there.

  2. anonymous says:

    I’m not really into museum and everything, but this one DOES look really interesting :)

  3. CNA Training says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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