Travel Report: Dublin

  • Accommodation: Maldron Hotel, €59 for a double. Great location, room feels more expensive than it is. No breakfast included.
  • Transporation: Aer Lingus from London. €0 for both trips, taxes only. From airport to Dublin’s O’Connell Street:  City Bus (#747, €10 return per person).
  • Food: Had lunch in a sucky american place on O’Connell Street because nothing else was open. Had dinner at Hairy Lemon pub which was great. Stopped at grocery near hotel to get things for breakfast and lunch the following day.
  • Activities: Guinness Storehouse Factory, St. Patrick’s Church, Maldron Square Houses, Dublin Castle, St. Stephen’s Green, Parnell Square, Temple Bar area, O’Connell Street.
  • Final mark: 3/5. Would’ve been 2/5 if it wasn’t for the Guinness Factory.

    Parnell Square

  • I stayed in Dublin two days, which I think was sufficient. My advice on Ireland is to spend as much time as possible in the countryside and little time in the capital.

    On the first day, I visited Parnell Square, went down O’Connell Street and walked to the famine statues, which were said to be impressive. They aren’t. The weather was awful and I was really mad I had to walk all the way down there for nothing. Otherwise,  O’Connell street is filled with souvenir stores and overpriced filthy restaurants. I found it to be somewhat abandoned, maybe due to the economic circumstances at the time. It was kind of eerie and sad to see all these locked up places with empty windows.

    Merrion Square

    We ended up in St. Stephen’s Green area, which is really nice and pretty, especially at night, when the shopping centre is light up with romantic white lights. We decided on having dinner in a nearby pub, the Hairy Lemon. Our waiter was actually the owner, and he recommended us the speciality of the house, the Irish stew. What a hearty meal!

    On the second day, we headed to Merrion Square. That’s where you can find the famous Oscar Wilde statue and the houses with vibrant coloured doors. Legend has it that after an evening at the pub, drunk Irish men recognized their home because of the door colour and not the actual address. Gotta love those drunk Irish stories!

    We slowly walked our way to Temple Bar area. It is nice, but it feels tacky and touristy.  Dublin Castle looks nothing like a castle, so we didn’t visit it. Instead, we decided to explore other parts of the city on foot and ended up at St.Patrick’s Church. Since it has a pretty high entrance fee for anyone on a budget, we appreciated it from the outside and hanged in the gardens for a while.

    Guinness Storehouse

    As I was travelling with a beer lover, missing the Guinness Storehouse was unthinkable. I’m glad I went because even though I don’t like beer myself, it was actually very interesting and interactive.  There are various types of exhibition, which insures the visitor a great visit. I even got the chance to learn how to pour my own Guinness and get a “Perfect Guinness” certificate! Well worth the long walk to get there as it’s a bit out of the city center. Plus, as a bonus, you get a complimentary Guinness and a free entrance to the Gravity Bar, which boasts great views over the city (and the sun was out by then). I suggest you book your tickets in advance as long queues to get in are common. Plus you get a 10% discount. Clickie!

    All in all I’m glad I went to Dublin because I know for a fact I will not be going back. I don’t think I’ve missed out on anything by not staying longer - I just didn’t have any connection to the city. Next time I set foot in Ireland, it’s going to be in the beautiful, green country. And I’ll make sure to have a licence by then.

    To see more photos of my adventure in Dublin, check out my Flickr photostream.

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