Beautiful Antwerp, Belgium - In Photos

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One of the stops I was most excited about during my grand tour across Northern Europe was Flanders - and of course, I wasn’t disappointed.

Antwerp was the first stop on my itinerary through the region, and it set the bar really high for Bruges and Ghent. It’s a cosmopolitan, lively city - in fact, it’s larger and more populous than the country’s capital, Brussels.

And when a place looks THIS good and has SO many things to do, it’s hard to not like it, right?

A few photos of Antwerp


Cathedral of Our Lady

Grote Markt

The ancient City Hall

photos of antwerp

Grote Markt

The area around Grote Markt and the Cathedral of Our Lady is without a doubt the most picturesque - it’s everything you imagine Flanders to be, minus the romantic canals (these are in Bruges!).

Antwerp actually has quite the fascinating history - for instance, did you know that its the Belgian capital of diamonds and also one of Europe’s largest seaports, and its precisely thanks to those prosper industries that city can boast such opulent architecture?

The magnificent train station


Did anyone say CHOCOLATE?

Of course, Belgium being what it is - i.e. the home of over 10,000 chocolate shops - I made a few stops to taste the local specialties. It’s only natural to want to help the city’s economy, right? I really did this out of the goodness of my heart, I swear.

Beautiful sunset in Antwerp

Expect a lot more Flanders goodness on this blog in the next few weeks - I really fell in love with the region, and now that I’ve shared my favorite photos of Antwerp, I can’t wait to tell you everything I’ve learned about this gorgeous place, and share it with the world (well, the people that read this silly blog of mine anyway).

Disclaimer: I visited Flanders as a guest of Visit Flanders and As always, all opinions are my own.

Have you been to Antwerp? What was your favorite sight - the old town square, the train station, the food?


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6 Responses to “Beautiful Antwerp, Belgium - In Photos”

  1. Cheryl

    29. Jan, 2013

    Ahhh sigh … and this is why I love Europe so much. It’s just so beautiful!

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  2. Richard

    29. Jan, 2013

    Great photos, whetting my appetite for my visit to Antwerp in April. I went once before, in 2001, and loved the De Konnink beer and the fact people call it Bolleke because of its round glass!

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  3. Bren Sego

    22. Feb, 2013

    Beautiful pics. I lived in Antwerpen for a year. One of my favs Euro cities. I remember a chilenean rest. near the Cathedral. Great meat & wine. The clubs in the boardwalk amazing!!!!

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