Discovering Florence, a Photo Essay

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I’ve never been to Florence.

Actually, I’ve only been to Rome in Italy, and I am quite sad about that. Not because I didn’t like the city - I did. But I feel there is so much more to see in Italy than just the Eternal City! Starting with Florence… considering just how much I love architecture, and the sweet deals offered by, I can’t even explain why I haven’t been there yet. The Duomo! Ponte Vecchio! So many classics that I have yet to marvel at for myself.

I just spent an hour browsing photos of Florence on Flickr, and I thought - why not share them? Why not spread the beauty of this city, that utterly fascinates me? So without further ado, I present you… Firenze.

Sunset over Florence, by slack12

Beautiful shops

Piazza della Signoria

Beautiful statues at the Duomo

The famous Duomo! Florence’s most important religious building is also known under Santa Maria del Fiore. Not only is it one of the most beautiful piece of architecture in the world, it’s also in extremely good condition for its age - over 800 years old! The actual facade, however, was obviously not added until the 19th century, in the midst of the Gothic Revival movement. The marble floors and interior of the dome are particularly striking.

Beautiful details on the Duomo

The majestic Duomo!

Ponte Vecchio

Of course, a series of photos of Florence wouldn’t be complete without the famous Ponte Vecchio! Crossing the Arno River, the bridge dates back to the 12th century, and is one of the few remaining “shopping bridges” in the world. Butchers have since been replaced by jewelers and art dealers, for the pleasure of tourists. Legend has it that Hitler himself gave the order NOT to destroy the bridge despite major bombings in Florence.

Have you been to Florence? What were your favorite sights and things to do?

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