Walking Along the Thames, a Photo Essay

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While some people think that London isn’t a walkable city, I like to think the opposite. I do love a bus ride here and there, but I truly feel most comfortable on my own two feet, my earphones blasting Arctic Monkeys and my camera always ready to snap.  And during my last trip to London, that’s exactly what I did.

To me, there’s nothing quite like walking along the Thames to truly enjoy some of the most important sights of London. There’s just something about Tower Bridge, St.Paul’s, Houses of Parliament… no matter how touristy, they’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Along the Thames by the Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament at sunset

Somehow, I can’t seem to get to the Houses of Parliament by daylight! But considering how strikingly beautiful Big Ben is at sunset, I don’t really mind.

And then I was off to the City. I was blessed with a gorgeous sunset that day, and while clouds are to London what sunshine is to Cuba, it creates magical sunsets when the sun does dare to come out a little bit.

The City

Tower Bridge

London’s quirky City Hall

I waited a little while on the banks there, just waiting for the sun to set and taking in my surroundings. I loved watching joggers, workers going home, Japanese tourist groups, locals just hanging around. And then, before I even realized it, it was fully dark and all the lights came on.

Tower Bridge at night

The Horniman at Hay’s Pub on the Thames bank

This particular pub (and it’s terrace!) is a favorite of mine. It’s very quaint, and very much like what pubs are in the mind of foreigners - welcoming, ale-smelling and bustling.

St. Paul’s Cathedral and Millenium Bridge

And after all that walking around, I was getting pretty tired, even though my heart didn’t want to go to bed.  It could’ve kept walking all night! I got back to my hotel with take-away sushi, feeling a little sad… but when I zapped on Shakespeare in Love on the telly, I knew it was the perfect end to the perfect evening.

River Thames

What’s your favorite spot to take photos of London? Do you prefer London by day or night?


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22 Responses to “Walking Along the Thames, a Photo Essay”

  1. Kurt

    14. Mar, 2012

    I can remember how beautiful the Thames was at night time with the lights all along the bank. Did you manage to get any of the Eye?

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  2. Ah, so beautiful. The Tower Bridge at night gives me chills. We did a walk similar to this at night and to this day it is one of my favorite experiences abroad.

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  3. Mara

    15. Mar, 2012

    Laughing, because in my experience it’s *Londoners* who don’t think London is a walkable city. They use the Tube so much that often they don’t realize how close together things are on the surface! I’ve had people tell me to use the Tube because the distance between points is too far and then walked it and walking has taken less time.

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  4. Angie Away

    15. Mar, 2012

    You’ve captured one of my favorite cities so beautifully!

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  5. Francy R

    15. Mar, 2012

    I do love London! I lived there for 6 months last year and I can say I’ve never enjoyed my time so much as I did in London! I worked close to the London bridge and every day I used to have a long walk along the Thames! It was the part of the day I loved most! Thanks for making me thinking about it again!!

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  6. Laurence

    15. Mar, 2012

    London is by far one of my favourite cities to explore by foot. I lived just near Covent Garden for a couple of years, and used to walk everywhere - absolutely loved it. Magnificent city :D

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  7. Katherina

    15. Mar, 2012

    I LOVE walking around London… seriously, I plan on walking home every evening once we’re back on still having daylight at 7pm!
    Lovely pictures!

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  8. Laura

    16. Mar, 2012

    Oh, I walked like crazy in London. I think I only took a couple of buses.

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  9. This was my favorite part of London - the area is just so beautiful and photogenic! Some parts of London aren’t super walkable, but I think along the Thames is perfect for an afternoon ramble.

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  10. Audrey | That Backpacker

    18. Mar, 2012

    Oh London! I love wondering that city at sundown. ;)

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  11. John

    18. Mar, 2012

    There are not many things that I like doing in London, but walking along the Embankment is one of the things I do enjoy. Captured well in your photos as well!

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  12. Andrew

    20. Mar, 2012

    Parts of London are totally walkable. And as mentioned above, with some of the tube line speeds actually faster. I did Christmas there with a friend a few years ago and walked all over. It was great.

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  13. Brian

    28. Mar, 2012

    London is a good walkable city because it is not built on a grid. You can easily get lost on purpose if you want and explore. If you want a brisk walk then you are spoint for choice with all the massive parks. There is even a forest that you can get to on the tube up in Epping.

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  14. Michelle

    09. Apr, 2012

    Some great perspectives in your photos. Looking forward to seeing more of London through you lens.

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  15. cheryl

    17. Apr, 2012

    Beautiful photos! You make it seem a very walkable city. :)

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  16. Jeff Titelius

    28. May, 2012

    I so enjoyed this walk along the Thames and hope to do it in the very near future. Your gorgeous photos are inspiring my friend and I love that quirky City Hall too!

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  17. Tiffany

    22. Jun, 2012

    wow amazing photos!!
    I regret not exploring more when I was in London..would’ve loved to see the Parliament buildings at sunset :D

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    • Marie

      22. Jun, 2012

      The Parliament at night is simply stunning - I highly recommend it!

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  18. Ahhh, London. One of my favorite cities of the world, right up there with Rome. And totally walkable, although I’ll also second the thought that for those who grew up there they don’t always see what to us visitors are the sites and sounds that make it such a visitable place :)

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      06. Aug, 2013

      London is a massive city in size but the attractions are within reach of each other, which makes it easy to walk. Happy coincidence :)

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