A weekend in Rome - In Photos

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Rome is quite an amazing city.

A bit like other capitals around the world, it’s the kind of place you never actually do. There’s no such thing as having done Rome, because there simply is too many things to do to fill one lifetime! Rome also happens to be very photogenic…

photos of rome

The Colosseum at night

The surprising and beautiful alleys

This is probably what I like best about Rome - the alleys, and narrow streets. You never know what you’ll find there (mafia excluded), and most of the time, you end up taking a completely different itinerary than the one you had planned because you keep being pulled into yet another beautiful street. And perhaps make a stop for al fresco pizza.

Piazza del Poppolo

I admit it. Loud and clear. I only visited the Piazza del Poppolo because of the Da Vinci Code references. But I was completely stunned when I realized just how beautiful it was.

Fontana di Trevi

Piazza della Rotonda

Vatican Museum

And of course, no series of photos of Rome would be complete without a few shots of the Vatican. I didn’t enjoy my visit as much I thought I would - I genuinely felt uncomfortable being surrounded by all this luxury, this gold, and this art, knowing all too well how mercilessly it was acquired throughout the centuries. But nonetheless, it was another item crossed off my bucket list and I’m glad I did it.

The world-famous ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

Piazza San Pietro

Piazza San Pietro

Last but definitely not least, the otherworldly Foro Romano. I thoroughly enjoyed that part of my visit and could hardly believe that these structures have been standing there for almost 2000 years - there’s something so mystical about them!

Foro Romano

Have you been to Rome before? What was the highlight, or what you are looking forward to the most? What’s your favorite shot in this essay?


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12 Responses to “A weekend in Rome - In Photos”

  1. Movers

    04. Jul, 2012

    No tourist itinerary in Europe will be complete without Rome- Rome is a monument of ancient times, a treasury chest filled with invaluable history sites. I adore to get lost in the shadowy narrow streets forming a living labirynth into the heart of Rome.

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  2. Beautiful photos! Unfortunately, I’ve not made it to Rome, but it’s definitely on my list!

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  3. Andrea

    06. Jul, 2012

    I loved Rome, especially just walking around and shopping. Such an amazing city!

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    • Marie

      10. Jul, 2012

      Indeed! Getting lost in Rome is the best way to truly discover it.

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  4. roel

    17. Jul, 2012

    Would love to see it once, the trevi’s looks wonderful.

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  5. Rome is one of my favorite cities in Europe. Great photos!

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  6. Vidyanand

    03. Oct, 2012

    I visited Italy on a weekend back in 2008. Your photgraphs took me back. I loved Rome…. We had a peculiar way of literally taking in every beutiful site…my friend and me would find a nice table and drink the local beer, enjoying a lttle bit with each sip. I have dropped a coin over my shoulder in the trevi fountain; hoping to go back again some day.
    Coincidently I have named my daughter “Roma” way back in 1997. - Vidyanand Mandpe, Pune, India

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      04. Oct, 2012

      I’m glad you liked the post! Rome is indeed an incredible city :)

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