Visiting the Plateau de Gergovie in Auvergne

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On a fairly hot spring day, my friends and I decided to escape the city and head to the countryside. Luckily for us, not too far utside Clermont-Ferrand stands the Plateau de Gergovie, which is the place where Vercingétorix (say that 10 times fast) defeated the army of Jules Cesar in 52 b.c. Impressive, eh?

Le Plateau de Gergovie

Although we looked around the uphill road for over 30 minute (obviously, GPS, iPhones and locals aren’t of any use in that region), we finally decided to use the so-called blocked road, which wasn’t blocked by anything really, and get to our destination. My faint little heart wasn’t too keen on the last part of the ride but it was totally worth it - the views on Plateau de Gergovie are amazing.

Quickly we arrived at the monument, which seemed so little from down the hill, but is in fact pretty imposing.

Le Plateau de Gergovie

This monument, made of volvic stone, is dedicated to Vercingétorix (say it another 10 times fast), who was the Gaul’s chief during the war during Cesar’s Gallic Wars. And yes, it does sound like Asterix - I’m still waiting to see Obelix, not that he is hard to miss. No wonder where these comics are from!

We wanted to taste the famous truffade, which is consisted of melted local cheese, potates and cooked meats, and happens to be a typical Auvergne meal. A friend specially recommended the restaurant on top of the Plateau de Gergovie, and I am so glad we found it! Truffade is one of the most decadent French meals I tasted, and simply thinking about it makes my stomach all excited.

The Plateau de Gergovie is easily accessible from Clermont-Ferrand and makes for a nice afternoon trip, although I would recommend to go on Sundays instead of Saturdays, as everything in the city is closed down on that day. Take advantage of the hustle on Saturdays and get out to the country on Sundays!


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4 Responses to “Visiting the Plateau de Gergovie in Auvergne”

  1. Katherina

    25. May, 2011

    Wow, it looks quite impressive! And I love that green landscape… it’s a shame you didn’t make it for the truffade, but I’m sure you can still get it somewhere else… :)

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  2. Auvergne Tourisme

    15. Jun, 2011

    Nice post and pics, objectively ;-)

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    • Bella

      22. Apr, 2012

      Looks wonderful visiting on a few weeks.
      Will definitely go here.
      Culture, beauty, peace and quite, what more could you want.
      Ant wild camping spots for Motor homes?

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