Ideal Daytrip from Prague: Cesky Krumlov

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Czech Republic is mostly known, among other things, for its opulent baroque architecture and its beer. And while these two are easily accessible in the capital, the beautiful town of Cesky Krumlov offers a more authentic experience to the visitor and makes for an original daytrip from Prague.

Located in South Bohemia, it is easily reachable by bus in around 3 hours, and the ride costs around 180 Kc, which is extremely cheap considering the amazing day you’ll be spending there. So really, there’s no reason for you not to go!

Cesky Krumlov

The most famous thing to see is undoubtedly the town’s castle, the second largest castle in Czech Republic and part of UNESCO World Heritage (along with the whole Old Town). The walk through the castle complex is actually free of charge, and lets you enjoy the beautiful scenery of green parks and red roofs. Also in the area is Plaštovy Most, the historical covered bridge that links the theatre to the castle and offers sweeping views of the city.

If you’re in town at the right moment, why not attend a candlelit Baroque opera at the castle? Due to its condition and age, the theater offers only two operas a year - maybe it’ll be your lucky day. It doesn’t get more “old Eastern Europe” than that!

Another interesting sight is, of course, the town’s main square: Namesti Svornosti, quite pretty with traditional facades, terraces and locally owned shops of regional produce.

Cesky Krumlov's attractions

To end your typical Czech day,  enjoy the local beer at Pivovar Eggenberg, a 375 years old brewery that offers both tours of the facilities as well as tastings. And since you won’t be driving back to Prague, you have nothing to worry about.

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4 Responses to “Ideal Daytrip from Prague: Cesky Krumlov”

  1. Yumei

    02. Mar, 2011

    I plan to go Cesky Klumlov on Sunday but I am not sure that all restaurants and souvenir shops will close?? Thanks ;)

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  2. Scott

    13. Apr, 2011

    I spent a few nights in Cesky Krumlov in 2007, and I can tell you that it is as charming and romantic in person as it is in pictures. I spent two afternoons at the Eggenberg Brewery at a picnic table just sipping the freshly made brew along the river, I can’t recommend it enough!

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    • Marie

      13. Apr, 2011

      Thanks Scott, I was wondering if the magic was just a picture thing. I’m glad it’s not, I can’t wait to visit!

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  3. Steve

    09. Sep, 2011

    Hi Andreas - great description. A neat place to stay is a little B+B in the watchtower walls Krumlov Tower - I saw it on the Unusual Hotels of the World site

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