Recommended Reading: Walking in London by AA Travel

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Walking in London by AA Travel

Title: Walking in London
: AA Travel
: 4/5
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: Amazon

I received this book as a gift from by boyfriend as we were in dire need of free activities back when we lived in London. We only had a few weeks left there, but still, we managed to complete some of the walks suggested in the book.

I’m happy to report that the book did more than make us burn extra calories around London: it made us discover new neighbourhoods, some of which we would have never ventured to by ourselves. It also made us learn new things about places we’d already been.

Every walk, named with a surprising title,  is made of an introductory text to the general area and its history,  a clear map with detailed directions as well as pictures and different informations on the walk itself, such as distance, minimum time, landscape and even dog friendliness. The book covers pretty much all of Greater London, with itineraries taking place in:

  • Harrow on the Hill
  • Greenwich
  • Richmond
  • Westminster
  • Chelsea
  • Hampstead
  • Bromley
  • And many other exciting places!

Not only is the book incredibly informative, it’s also really pretty. Photographs are often page-sized and impressive, not only in quality but also in composition, which is particularly inspiring. After all, what’s a better kick-start than a beautiful picture of Hampton Court Palace Gardens?

While it would be easy to stash the large amount of information on tiny pages, AA Travel decided to make the reading an experience by itself, as most of the walks spread over 4 pages. The content is fluid, easy to read and most importantly, easy to understand.

Live during the "Walking with the Pensioners of Chelsea" walk, on the Chelsea Embankment

That’s the only thing I found a bit annoying: the size. It’s a bit too big to carry in a purse (unless you’re a I-carry-everything-I-could-possibly-think-of-in-my-giant-purse kind of girl), so you have to carry it in your hands all the time. But on the other hand, I could not imagine the book without its amazingly large photographs, so I am certainly willing to accept its size (especially if it means I have to buy a new purse). And, since the maps and directions are inside the book, you kind of need to keep it handy.

All in all, I am very glad to have this book and I certainly intend on taking it with me on my next visit to London. I think it’s especially useful for the people who have either already visited the main attractions and want to try something new, or the people who prefer to use the off beaten track.

In any case, you’re guaranteed a good time. Visit AA Travel website and buy the book on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I have not received any sort of contribution for this post. I simply loved the book and wanted to share my thoughts.

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6 Responses to “Recommended Reading: Walking in London by AA Travel”

  1. Veronique

    07. Jan, 2011

    Super! Les différents quartiers de Londres gagnent tellement à être découverts. J’aurais bien aimé avoir ce livre… Moi, j’ai utilisé souvent “the original London walks”. Bon, ce n’était pas gratuit, mais ça coûtait quelques livres seulement pour des balades thématiques ou géographiques: Jack l’Éventreur (:-) ), hidden London, London’s canals, etc.

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    • Marie

      07. Jan, 2011

      En effet, j’ai souvent entendu parler de ce service. Je compte bien l’utiliser à ma prochaine visite. Merci de ton commentaire !

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  2. Christine

    07. Jan, 2011

    I would love a book like this! I prefer to explore a city on foot, and while I usually just wander, it would be nice to have some sort of route to enjoy. Great tip!

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  3. Steve

    10. Jan, 2011

    Walking through a city like that would really help you get to know it better. I’m glad you found a good one with a lot of information and photos in it. Maybe you’ll get a chance to go back and finish up a few more of those walks.

    Reply to this comment
    • Marie

      10. Jan, 2011

      @Steve: I agree, nothing like a good, long walk to learn more about a city. The photos in this book certainly help you get all excited about the places you’re about to go to. And thanks for the wishes, I really hope I get that lucky.

      @Christine: What’s great about this book is that you have a map of the walk with alternate routes, so you can wander all you want and still get the general idea of the theme.

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  4. location denia

    02. Feb, 2011

    Thanks for sharing the information on traveling book..I always want to have a book on London guide..After reading your post I am quite interested in this book so wondering to know where this book will be available? Is there any e-book also available..

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