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Seems like an easy question at first, right? When Visit Britain asked me to participate in this contest, I, quite frankly, had no idea where to start.

We want you to tell us about your perfect shopping trip to the city of London. Where would you go? What would you buy?

Does PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE EVERYTHING qualifies as an answer? I didn’t think so either. Even though I lived in London for an entire year and visited countless times since, it seems like I just can’t get enough of this place.

Not that it surprises any of you. I’m just that transparent.

If I take some time to rationally think about my ideal shopping trip to London, I would go and try a myriad of different things, and stay miles away from the hustle of Oxford Circus. H&M and Zara will be just as nice in any other city in the world, me thinks.

No, the real London fashion isn’t found on this busy street. What is now part of London’s contemporary identity is located everywhere but there, whether its in the overcrowded racks of a vintage shop in Shoreditch, or in a up and coming designer boutique in Kensington.

So, what would my ideal shopping day in London be like, you ask? Traditional and modern. Quintessentially British and otherworldly. Contrasting, and incredible. A true reflection of London.


Let’s start where my travel blogger income can take me: vintage and thrift shops.

Camden is a very good destination for this budget-friendly activity, as it is full of technicolor shops that sell everything from studded leather coats to 1950s sundresses. And then I would head to the picturesque markets of Camden Locks, to see if I can find some  original pieces of jewellery. Or if, thank the Lord,  the sun is out, have a warm coffee by the canal.


No hesitation here.

I would head to Holborn and have lunch at Hummus Brothers on Southampton Row. They offer a wide variety of healthy choices at healthy prices like, well, hummus… but also pitas, vegetable salads and baklavas. Again, my blogger lifestyle doesn’t allow me to stay off the grid for any lengthy period of time, and I will gladly use the restaurant’s free wifi to Instagram my morning expedition and checkin on Foursquare.

Do note that calorie intake is crucial at this stage - I wouldn’t want to go up a dress size over lunch, because it would make for an awkward shopping session in the afternoon!


I would pay a visit to London’s chicest neighborhood: Knightsbridge.  Hello, lover. Burberry, French Connection, Mulberry and Prada. Not that I can afford any of you, but it can’t hurt to ogle a little bit, right?

Of course, a visit to Knightsbridge isn’t complete without a proper stop at Harrod’s, the city’s most iconic department store - and also the priciest. Regardless of the price tags, this stop is truly a fascinating one, if only for the stunning ground floor’s architecture and decor.

Late Afternoon

Well, let’s be honest here - I’m all out of money, my feet are on strike and my stomach growls are getting embarrassing.

While I’m in the swankiest and most fashionable neighborhoods of all London, why not kill two birds with one stone and have afternoon tea at the legendary Harvey Nichols? It’s as close as I’m going to get to high fashion for the moment, and considering how delicious their treats are, I’m more than okay with that.

Maybe I’ll even run into Gwyneth?


I would happily stay on the “London cliché” track and proudly show off my new purchases during a relaxing evening with friends at a quaint pub in Covent Garden. The perfect way to end a fantastic day out and about in London, and enjoy the true meaning of being in this fantastic city.

I can already predict my thoughts as I lay my head on the soft hotel pillow…

If only I could stay here forever.

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