My Favourite Places in Europe in Springtime

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It’s no secret that spring and autumn are my favourite seasons to be on the go. Several reasons explain this, from the smaller flocks of tourists to the warm-and-sunny-yet-not-scorching weather and the still very affordable prices. Elbow seasons are not only easy on the budget, but also on the eyes.

The only difficult thing about this is picking a place; while it’s so nice to see Nordic countries come out of permafrost, it’s also a great feeling to be able to visit southern Spain sans fear of passing out from insulation. Which is it going to be?

Spring Travel in Europe: A Best-Of


spring travel in europe

Positioning London in first place isn’t a coincidence by any means. You guys already know that London is one of my favourite places in the world to start with, either in winter, autumn, summer (even British summer) or spring. Yet, the latter has something other seasons don’t have, a magical feeling of rebirth -almost literally, after spending several months under a thick, gray permacloud- that is only enhanced by the fragrance of the cherry blossoms and the sight of these bright, pink flowers everywhere in town. Scientists say that smell is the strongest trigger of memories, and every time I smell the sweet aroma of blossoms I can’t help but be reminded of springtime in London. It’s also the best time of the year to explore the city’s many royal parks!


spring travel in europe

Not too far from London is Scotland, the land of kilts, haggis, lochs and some of the most welcoming people I’ve met in my travels. But one of Scotland’s biggest flaws, it there ever was one, is its weather. Notoriously impossible to predict accurately, the weather up north of Britain can go from hail to sunshine in less than an hour. True story! But springtime is a little more clement to tourists, and when I was there last April I was blessed with bright sunshine for the better part of the my five-day trip. Few things are more spectacular than Isle of Skye bathed in sunlight!


spring travel in europe

On the other side of the weather spectrum is southern Europe, where winter only means a slight drop in temperatures and fewer al fresco meals. For someone like me, who would rather teleport to Antarctica than spend the summer in scorching, too-hot-to-go-out Italy, Rome in springtime is the perfect compromise. Not only are there much fewer crowds (by Rome standards anyway) but the temperatures are warm enough to leave the parka at home while not TOO hot that constant gelato breaks become mandatory in order to regulate inner body temperatures. Because of course that’s what gelato is for, right?


spring travel in europe

For the same reason that Rome is mostly enjoyable in the spring, Andalusia is also at its best when temperatures hover at around 20 degrees and where entire cities don’t shut down for the afternoon because it’s just too hot to get anything done. Cities like Sevilla, Ronda, Granada and Cordoba are particularly pretty and offer great insight into Moorish culture, which had a much stronger influence on the Iberian peninsula than most people know. Flamenco, tapas and tinto de verano await!


spring travel in europe

Proving to tourists from around the world that the country knows more to plants than just one green plant, the Dutch fields tend to be more reminiscent of a rainbow than anything else in April. Colourful tulip fields extend as far the eye can see, and the Keukenhof gardens, arguably one of the world’s most spectacular gardens, glossy up just in time for the tulip festival. A dream destination for photographers, green thumbs of this world and flora enthusiasts.

Where will you be headed this spring? What is your favourite springtime destination?


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9 Responses to “My Favourite Places in Europe in Springtime”

  1. andrea

    11. Mar, 2014

    Yes to London! The cherry blossoms are just starting to peek out now and I could not be happier to see them.

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  2. Catherine

    16. Mar, 2014

    You are totally right about spring and autumn being great seasons for travelling! Though I summer is still my favourite time of the year - when the sun is shining I just can’t stop smiling :)

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      17. Mar, 2014

      True, the sun is a great reason to travel in the summer ;-)

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  3. Delicious Europe Travels

    25. Mar, 2014

    I agree with you about Rome! Not too crowded and not too hot. Plus I love what’s in season at that time (artichokes, fragole de bosco or Italian strawberries, puntarelle, etc)

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  4. As an avid traveler, I smiled from ear to ear when I stumbled across this post. I have traveled to some of the places mentioned and agree with you on their beauty in the spring. It is hard to go anywhere during the spring season in Europe and not find it just breathtaking. Netherlands has always been on my bucket list and I hope to check that one off in my near future. The pictures in this post are truly magnificent. Great post, thank you for sharing!

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      10. Apr, 2014

      Thank you for the kind words Sara! Netherlands in the spring in simply amazing.

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  5. Jerry

    21. Oct, 2014

    It is common for US citizens to regard the UK as comprising England, Scotland and Ireland. If so, you forget a UK country of outstanding natural beauty - Wales, home to Snowdonia National Park (home to the highest mountain in England and Wales), the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and the rugged Brecon Beacons National Park where the world famous S.A.S. do their training.When you include the beautiful cities of Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham and Newport, Dylan Thomas’s writing perch at Laugharne, the Preseli Mountains from whence came the Bluestones of Stonehenge, the Gower, the immense and numerous castles, the immaculate beaches and a culture full of song, poetry and the glorious language that is Welsh (the OLDEST continuously spoken language in Europe!) a visit to the UK without the Wales experience is an opportunity lost for understanding art, history and heritage.

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