Bruges, Belgium’s Other Great Flemish City

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Yet another charming European canal town. It seems like I just can’t get enough of those, but I mean - how am I supposed to resist?

Located in north-western Belgium, Bruges’ entire historic town center is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the prominent medieval architecture, who luckily remained unsoiled throughout the wars.  The best display of this legacy is in Burg Square, where you will find the 14th century Town Hall and enjoy some of the Flemish architecture with classic features like the step gables on the surrounding building’s facades. You can also climb up the 366 steps of the nearby Belfry to get an excellent bird’s view of the grand Grote Markt.

It goes without saying that the best way to explore the city is to hop on a canal tour boat, especially as not every canal runs next to a street, making some spots unreachable by foot. Great discoveries are to be planned in this activity, such as the unquestionably prettiest stretch of canal in town, Steenhouwersdijk - Groenerei, which is the most popular picture-taking spot in town.

Although Bruges is famous for its lace industry, most of what you’ll find in souvenir shops is ropey. Do visit Kantcentrum to get authentic pieces (Peperstraat 3A) and encourage the local arts and crafts industry. And, of course, a visit to Belgium would not be complete without some sort of chocolate-related activity. Pay a visit to the Choco-Story Museum (Wijnzakstraat 2, Sint-Jansplein). You will learn more about the entire evolution of cocoa into salivating chocolate pieces, as well as witness a chocolate-making session, from which you will certainly get free samples. Hello, chocoholics heaven.

One thing to beware of, though: the weather. Even by Belgium standards, Bruges has sucky weather pretty much all year round. There has to be a downside, right?


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    This might not be the largest Country in the World, but I think it is the most sophisticated. One way you can measure the success of somewhere is the measure it’s music. There is little doubt that this place blows other countries away. I wouldn’t want to live there, but a year or three would be pretty cool.

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