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love locks

Monday’s Postcard: Love Locks, Paris

Posted on 04. Jun, 2012 by .

As I travel throughout Europe’s corners, one thing I started to notice is how popular the “love locks” have gotten. Nobody really knows for sure where -or why- the tradition started, but no one can deny how popular they have gotten over the last decade or so. Venice. Cologne. Florence. Paris. London. It seems that [...]

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photos of paris

Who am I kidding? I ♥ Paris.

Posted on 01. Jun, 2012 by .

“Took you long enough!” That’s what my friends (and everyone I know, basically) told me when Paris and I had an understanding, and I finally came around. 4 years after my first infamously disastrous visit, and 5 trips later, including one where I did warm up to the city a little bit, I have finally [...]

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photos of paris

The Heights of Paris, a Photo Essay

Posted on 28. May, 2012 by .

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I have sort of a love/hate relationship with Paris. While my first three visits were pretty much disasters, the last two were a lot better, and even made me admit what everybody else knew already: Paris is a pretty awesome place. I decided [...]

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Monday’s Postcard: Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris

Posted on 21. May, 2012 by .


When I was in Paris two weeks ago during the French elections, I found myself right by the Élysée Palace, even though I hadn’t planned on it (my orientation skills take a serious hit whenever I’m in Paris). Not only is the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré the home of the French President, it’s also home [...]

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photos of bordeaux

A Rainy Day in Bordeaux, a Photo Essay

Posted on 09. May, 2012 by .

If you’ve been in Europe for the last couple of weeks, you’ve noticed one thing: weather is sh*t. It’s been overcast and rainy for the better part of the last two months, and honestly I wonder what the hell I’m doing in France with piss-poor weather when I could get the same exact thing in [...]

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Monday’s Postcard: the French elections at La Bastille, Paris

Posted on 07. May, 2012 by .


Have you watched the French elections? Do you think it’s going to influence the Euro zone in a big way? Have you ever participated in a political event abroad?

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french train

Scenes From a French Train

Posted on 25. Apr, 2012 by .

When I was invited to visit Catalonia with Charming Villas in February, I had two choices - pay the hefty Air France fee to fly me to Barcelona, or suck it up, keep my money and hop on a 13 hour train journey. After all, isn’t the journey half the trip? Well. I guess it [...]

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chaîne des puys

Monday’s Postcard: Chaîne des Puys, France

Posted on 23. Apr, 2012 by .


Not so long ago, Auvergne was covered in a delicate white blanket, for the enjoyment of the winter sports amateurs. Spring came, did its job and took the snow away, but the last few weeks have been abnormally cold - so much in fact that the snow is back on the pointy peaks. On my [...]

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