24 Hours in Cordoba

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Cordoba is a very special place in the world; not many cities can claim to have been the capital of a Roman province and the capital of an Arab state and a Caliphate.

Festival de Patios

If you plan on visiting in May, do note that accommodation will be hard to find and very expensive. Consider taking a day-trip to Cordoba and actually sleeping in a nearby city, such as Grenada or Sevilla.

If you do visit in May, make sure to attend the Festival de Patios, where people just open their courtyard for everyone to see. It’s a great activity since Spanish gardens are very pretty and colorful, creating a nice contrast with the white walls. Runs during the second and third week of May. It’s totally free and it allows you to stroll through the numerous narrow streets around the Mosque, the nicest one being Calleja de las Flores.

Now, the real jewel of Cordoba is the Ancient City, a very important witness of the Arab occupation of Andalucia in the 10th century. La Mezquita (the Mosque) dates from 1236 and is the third largest in Europe, as around 20,000 people can pray inside. Do not miss the column forest. Entrance is free from 8:30Am to 10AM, then it’s €8.

Plaza del Triunfo

Another interesting sight is the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos,a Christian (although it does look Islamic) fortress used by Isabella de Castille and Ferdinand II of Aragon. That’s where Christopher Colombus prepared his trip to the Americas in 1492, and where Napoleon Bonaparte kept his troops in 1810. €4 and €2 for students.

Visiting Cordoba is a cheap way to explore Spain, especially when sleeping in another city, as the main sights are not very expensive to visit. You can get to Cordoba by bus from surrounding cities for very few euros.



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