Weekend Break in the Eternal City of Rome

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My weekend break in Rome wasn’t something I initially planned. It’s not that I didn’t want to go - I simply felt Italy deserved more than a mere quick getaway. But hey, budget airlines and Google Images were convincing enough and I quickly figured that a weekend break in Rome was a good enough introduction to the country.

I was lucky enough to visit on the last day of Culture Week, which gave me free entry to both the Colosseum and the Forum - €30 in my pockets right there. I was off to a good start! While a lot of people consider the Colosseum to be just another European ruin, and I can understand why, I was nonetheless impressed by its grandeur and prestige, even 2000 years after its completion. I had fun imagining the 60,000 spectators that once stood in its grandstands.

Yummy, yummy Italian lasagna.

Oh and the lasagna. Yummy, yummy lasagna. I have never tasted something so full of flavor and I am SO glad the Italian myth is true - yes, pasta dish do taste better in Italy than anywhere else in the world! Now the downside is that every lasagna has to compare to the Roman ones I had, and let’s be honest, most of them don’t cut it.

Despite the fact that I think the Vatican Museum is a rip-off, it is nonetheless worth a visit because of the Sistine Chapel. You can’t go to Vatican and not see the chapel! And as much as I wanted to visit the equally classic St. Peter’s Basilica, the 4-hour queue kind of underwhelmed me and I opted for a fountain exploratory walk.

I visited the famous Trevi Fountain, which was to big to photograph as a whole without a good wide-length lens! It is simply too huge and beautiful to describe in words. Did you know that more than 4,000 euros worth of wishful coins are thrown in the fountain every day?

Trevi Fountain

After walking around the city, I quickly came to the realization that visiting museums in Rome is kind of pointless. The city is a museum in itself! Walking from one sight to another comes naturally as the stroll is an activity on its own, with the odd fountain here and there and the quaint architectural features (and gelato stands).

While my weekend break in Rome wasn’t planned in the first place, I am really glad I went, even though I feel that for once, 48 hours simply wasn’t enough to cover the city’s main sights. I would recommend planning at least a long weekend to fully enjoy Rome, and a lifetime to enjoy the rest of Italy.

Have you ever been on a weekend break in Rome? What were your favorite sights? Do you have any tips for newcomers?

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