Where to stay in Cantal: Hotel Beau Site Garabit

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When I was on my trip with Atout France through Cantal, I was particularly looking forward to seeing the famous Viaduc de Garabit up close. I’d seen it countless times driving up the A75, but it was always in the distance.

And well, you can’t get much closer to it than at Hotel Beau Site Garabit. I mean, it’s right in your face. It crossed the might Truyère River in Cantal, and was built by none other than Gustave Eiffel himself - the man behind the big tower in Paris. The bridge was actually a try out for Eiffel: he wanted to prove to both himself and his team that he was able to handle a project of this size.

In any case - definitely a highlight on any trip through Auvergne. It really is a beautiful bridge!

The hotel

The hotel, as I said, is ideally located in front of the bridge. Easy access, amazing views. Definitely two important points for a hotel. The building itself is in impeccable condition, and is consisted of 16 rooms and suites, a pool, a tennis court, a bar, a fancy restaurant and an outdoor terrace on the front.

The restaurant serves high quality food, and I am happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. Especially the artsy part!

However, I noticed two things that might displease some travelers:

  • Although the hotel is in perfect condition, the decor is definitely dated. The 90s are definitely over in the outside world, but not at Garabit.
  • Also, the median age seems to be around 60 years old. Not that this is bad in any way - but it sets a very serious and quiet tone to the hotel, which, considering its otherwise amazingness, could attract people from all age ranges.

The rooms

The rooms at Hotel Beau Site Garabit are spotless. Perhaps the cleanest rooms I have ever been in. They are also of very generous size, including ample storing space and quirky cow-boy doors for the bathroom (of course, the toilet has its own room - it’s France after all).

The best part of my room was probably the view - if you do decide to book at this hotel, make sure to ask for a bridge-facing room. You’ll be rewarded with a god sent view.

I really don’t have anything to say against the rooms except maybe, once again, that the decor could use a bit of an upgrade.

The verdict

Considering that it’s one of the few hotels in the area, I’d say the Hotel Beau Site Garabit is your best bet. It’s extremely clean, very well serviced and offers generous space, which is pretty rare in European grounds. As long as you are not very young, very loud and very into interior decor, you will love your stay at this hotel.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Atout France and Tourisme Auvergne on this trip. As always, all opinions are my own.


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